Kakanin | More Food from Home

Aling Inday's delectable kakanins (dainties) are some of the foods I grew up with in my beloved Barangay - New Guinlo, located in the Municipality of Taytay, Palawan. When I had a chance to go back home last October, I didn't let the opportunity pass of tasting it again.

Nothing has changed over the years, aside from her face that noticebly aged. Aling Inday is still an expert in balancing her bilao (circular basket) on her head, peddling different kakanins all throughout our community from early in the morning until late afternoon. The  quality and smell of her Kutsinta, Kalamay Ube, Biko , etc taste exactly the same the last time I remember tasting it. It brought childhood memories to me. 

Aling Inday as we call her is a very hard-working woman that deserve culinary respect.