Prince Wilfred and Lady Chocolatey

Once upon a time, in Southern California there was a kingdom. The King and his family were famous for being chocoholic. The entire kingdom was built in chocolate. Different kinds of chocolates can be found in the kingdom. Sweet milk chocolate, Cocoa solids chocolate, dark, white, cocoa butter, expensive and less expensive chocolates. Chocolates from the other parts of the world were transported to the kingdom.

In quest for the perfect kind of chocolate, the king commands his only son, Prince Wilfred to search for the chocolate named 'n amor. Rumor was, it can only be found in Northern California where there was another kingdom named Romepedia.

Romepedia is a land of happiness, good times, angels, breathtaking landscapes, fairries  and immortals. No one is allowed to enter the kingdom. 

Obedient as he was, the Prince pursuit the search for the ultimate chocolate n' amor and proceed to Romepedia. He disguised himself as one of the commoners to spy and prove if the rumor was true. He was informed that the 'n amor can be found in the Center Castle. One day, on his way to the Center Castle, he met a lovely young woman and fell in love. He introduced himself and found out that the lady is the Romepedia Princess named Lady Chocolatey. Lady Chocolatey fell inlove as well.

Later on, they found out that Prince Wilfred was not from Romepedia and was cursed that the love of his life will  turned to be a chocolate....

                                                         Lady Chocolatey

Photo courtesy of Wilfred Brillo