Philippine Calendar of Festivities in October 2011

Browsing the Department of Tourism's website for a possible destination this month was a big surprise. I never knew that the Philippines has really lot of festivals. For this month's festivities only, we have vast range of celebrations from fiestas, mythical creature aswang and frog to religious celebration and cultural affairs. These festivities are legacy of our rich culture. Probe that Filipinos are happy people amidst our economic status. Have a quickstep of October Festivities below.

LA NAVAL FESTIVAl  |  Nationwide  |  October
A celebration in honor of the Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario.

FIESTANG CULIAT  |  Angeles City  |  October 1-31
In celebration of the twin fiestas of La Naval and Pyestang Apu, several fun-filled activities are undertaken during the month of October, among which are:  Capampangan Food Festival, Parade of Floats, Cultural Nights at the Museo ng Angeles,  Kundiman ning Angeles-Rigodon de Honor, Fiestang Culiat Car Show, golf tournament, and the now famous Tigtigan at Terakan Keng Dalan every last Friday and Saturday of October.  

KASANGGAYAHAN FESTIVAL (PROSPERITY)  |  Sorsogon, Sorsogon  |  October 17-27
Commemoration of Sorsogon’s Foundation Day.  A street dance presentation, “Pantomina sa Tinampo” highlights the festivity.
ZAMBOANGA HERMOSA FESTIVAl  |  Zamboanga City  |  October 1-12
Highlighted by the October 12 fiesta Pilar in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pillar at the legendary For Pilar.  Main activities include Miss Zamboanga City, regatta, streetdancing, trade fairs, exhibits, cultural and variety shows, Zamboanga Eco Challenge, Chavano Song Festival and food festival.

PISTA NG GUBAT  |  Pandan, Antique  |  October 1
This event is an annual celebration of the biodiversity of Northwest Panay in the hope of increasing awareness and conservation in the Peninsula.  

WOW DABAW  |  Davao City  |  October 1- October 15
A major promotional activity showcasing the various tourist destinations/products of the Davao region.

KINILAW FESTIVAl  |  Surigao City  |  October 2
A festival showcasing different styles in preparing a “Kinilaw” (raw fish delicacy). It also features the variety of fish, seafoods and other marine products in the locality.
SINANGGIYAW FESTIVAl  |  Dumanju, Cebu  |  October 4
The name Sinanggi-yaw is taken from two old Cebuano words, Sinanggi meaning abundance of harvested agricultural products of our farmers and Sayaw meaning dance. Through street dancing and field presentation, performers shall dance merrily bringing all the Sinanggi-performance focused on three aspects: planting, harvesting and thanksgiving     

KIDAPAWAN CITY FRUIT FESTIVAl  |  Kidapawan City  |  October 5- October 10
An Agro-Tourism event never experienced before in the Philippines Festival. Lots of fascinating activities await every individual but the most thrilling and exciting of all is the Fruit Galore. Here, tons of exotic tropical fruits will be arranged on a make-shift table 800 meters long under the pine trees on the highway island for the public to eat free of charge
LA TORRE  |  Cardona, Rizal  |  October 6
The bells are housed in “La Torre” meaning the tower of the church belfry. Folks and children look up to “La Torre” often awed with  different sizes and sounds of the bells housed therein. For years to date, their bells in “La Torre” announced cultural events. They even issue warnings in the advent of unforeseen calamities. The traditional and colorful “La Torre” will come alive with its joyful noise in concert with the music of the brass bands. It is not only a celebration of thanksgiving but it is also a celebration of hope that Cardona may continuously remain in the graces of our Lord.  
HARANA SA MAKATI  |  Makati City  |  October 6
A “harana” competition participated in by different highschool corale group from public and private school of Makati.
FEAST OF OUR LADY OF THE HOLY ROSARY  |  Dipolog City  |  October 7
Dipolog City fiesta highlighted with religious and cultural shows. 

BAGIUS FESTIVAL  |  Angeles City  |  October 8
Part of the month long Fiestang Kuliat celebration, this city-wide parade is participated in by representatives of the different sectors of Angeles City.

TING’UDO FESTIVAL (Fruit harvest)  |  Makilala, Cotabato  |  October 10
A celebration of bountiful fruit harvest highlighted by a fruit festival.

LA NAVAL FIESTA  |  Angeles City  |  October 9
A religious celebration in honor of the Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario marked by a Holy mass.

BUGLASAN FESTIVAl  |  Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental  |  October 14-23
The time when established festivals in Negros Oriental gathered for a show down and street dancing to highlight the week-long fiesta. Various events lined up were trade fairs, nightly cultural shows, kumbira or food festival and a lot more.

LA NAVAL FESTIVAL  |  Quezon City  |  October 12
A religious celebration in honor of the Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario marked by a Holy mass.
INASAL/HALAD FESTIVAl  |  Talisay City, Cebu  |  October 15
A showcase of the city’s historical heritage and identity promoting the city as an aqua and tourist hub, through street dancing as a thanksgiving offering for the blessing received through the intercession of the city patroness’ Sta. Teresa de Avila, sports fest, parade of the great personages as higantes, food festival featuring the famous “INASAL” or lechon, Talisay’s city roast pig it being the undisputable best – golden brown, crackling crispy skin, tasty meat from secret stuffed herbs.

INUG-OG FESTIVAL  |  Oroquieta City  |  October 14
Inug-og is an ethnic festival of the Suban-on culture that is celebrated every 14th of October in conjunction with the weeklong festivities of the city.

SAGINGAN FESTIVAl  |  Tubod, Lanao del Norte  |  October 17
A grand presentation of 52  varieties of banana as a major source of the town’s array of agricultural products.  
PAMUGU-AN FESTIVAL  |  Mansalay, Mindoro Oriental  |  October 16-22
A festive reunion of different “Mangyan” tribes. There are sports events (Palaro ng Lahi),  cultural presentations, product demonstrations and “Barakalan” or “baratillo” of native products.
LANZONES FESTIVAl  |  Camiguin  |  October 16-22 (third week)
A yearly showcase of the island’s most famous fruit “Lanzones” through street dancing Parade  and tableau competition usually participated by schools , civic organizations , LGU’s and private sector.  

MASSKARA FESTIVAl  |  Bacolod City  |  October 19
Their biggest annual event that reflect the Bacoleños love for fun & gaiety. Coinciding with the city’s Charter Day celebration, the festival features carnivals, fairs and a mardi-gras style by costumed and masked street dancers. This is also a celebration of the founding anniversary of Bacolod City. There are programs, float parade and Masskara Festival.  

LEYTE GULF LANDING ANNIVERSARy  |  Dulag and Palo, Leyte  |  October 20
A commemoration of the landings of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and the Allied Forces along the shores of Leyte to liberate the country from foreign invation.  The celebration is held at the MacArthur Landing Memorial Shrine in Red Beach, Palo, Leyte – also the site of biggest naval battle in world history.
CATANDUNGAN “PADAYAW” FESTIVAl  |  Catanduanes  |  October 22-24
Celebration of the province’ anniversary and tribute to its founder.  The festival’s major component is the International Surfing Competition at Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes..  Other activities include:  street dance “Pantomina”,  beauty pageant, agro-industrial fair, grand parade. and surfing competition.

PMA FOUNDATION ANNIVERSAy  |  Baguio City  |  October 24
Alumni homecoming of the country''s premier Military school

BATTLE OF SURIGAO STRAIt  |  Surigao City, Surigao del Norte  |   October 25
Commemoration of the greatest Naval Battle of World War II. Activities include Mountain Bike Challenge – Banjak Surigao Race, Bugsay Surigao Race, Predawn Memorial Service, Floral/Candle
Offering, Flag Raising and a Memorial along Surigao Strait.  

IBALONG FESTIVAL (EPIC TALE OF SUPERHEROES)  |  Legazpi City, Albay  |   October 1-31
A festival depicting Bicol’s early beginnings as portrayed by the characters in the epic – IBALONG.  The name was the nomenclature of Bicol region.  It showcases many superheroes such as Handiong, Baltog, Bantong, among others.  Highlight is the street presentation where masks of heroes and villains are paraded on mainstreets, combined with songs and dances.  Other activities include Search for Mutya ng Ibalong, Trade Fair, sports events and many more.

BANAYAN FESTIVAl  |  Banaybanay, Davao Oriental  |  October 26- October 28
A thanksgiving celebration giving tribute to the town’s main product.

SAMBUOKAN FESTIVAL  |  Mati, Davao Orienta  |  October 24-31
“Sambuokan Festival” came from Mandaya word “sambuok”, meaning unity and oneness. It is a thanks-giving for bountiful harvest and community progress.  

TIGITIGAN AT TARAKAN KENG DALAN  |  Balibago, Angeles City  |  October 28-29
The celebration of Fiestang Kuliat culminates with the ever popular Tigtigan, Terakan Queng Dalan which features singing and dancing in the street. It is the local version of Mardi Gras.  Local celebrity bands keep visitors entertained all night long.  Food stalls of various cuisine fill the street along the entertainment district of Brgy. Balibago for the duration of the festival. 

ASWANG FESTIVAl  |  Roxas City  |  October 29- October 30
A festival organized by Dugo Capiznon, Inc. determined to change the negative notion of Capiz being an Aswang haven and turn it into an advantage. The festival intends to eclipse the aswang impression with the world-class quality of Capiz’ seafood products and warm captivating hospitality of the Capicenos.
MARIKINA CHRISTMAS FESTIVAl  |  Marikina River Park  |  October 30

HINUGYAW SA ANILAO  |  Anilao, Iloilo  |  October 31
This is a celebration of the separation of Anilao from Banate, which also features various sports and cultural activities.

APO FIESTA  |  Angeles City  |  October 31
Celebration begin with several masses at the Holy Rosary parish church after which the faithful kiss the feet of the Image of the Reclining Christ.

COFFEE FESTIVAl  |  Lipa City, Batangas  |  October 21
The coffee festival was conceived to showcase the long reign of Lipa as the coffee granary of the Philippines 

KAWAYANAN FESTIVAl  |  Gloria, Oriental Mindoro  |  October 1
Aside from its large produce of rice and coconut, Gloria has an exclusive reputation of possessing vast tracts of land growing different varieties of bamboo.  The staging of the Kawayanan festival focuses on the affluence of “kawayan” (bamboo) in the area.  Similar to other festivals, it is being celebrated with street dancing performances mostly by students from different levels.  Costumes are also made of bamboo materials.  A trade fair is likewise a special attraction with its varied display of products made of bamboos.  

CALACATCHARA FESTIVAl  |  Calaca, Batangas  |  October ( no definite date)
A merrymaking to express thanksgiving to the small producers of atsara that made the town of Calaca very popular in terms of sweetened papaya pickles known as “atsara”.  The event focuses on the identity of the Calaca as a fast growing town and the ingenuity of its people in the production of atsara, a native appetizer of every household and a common gift or “pasalubong” to its visitors.  The components of the festival are motorcade, streetdancing, agri-fair, atsara Olympics, karambola, float parade competition and the search for Mr. & Ms. Calaca.

KARAKOL FESTIVAl  |  Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro  |  October 10
The powerful culture of devotion and faith is conveyed by Mambureños in the presentation of Karakol Festival parade during the feast of their patron saint Nuestra Senora del Pilar. This parade is a festive celebration wherein the parishioners cheerfully and joyfully carry the patron saint associated with festive music while they are dancing and praising with the belief that they will be blessed with prosperous life and good health.  Participants wear colorful dresses and hats decorated with flowers.  This tradition is being observed in the municipality since 1970.

KAALDAWAN IRAYA  |  Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro  |  October 12
Kaaldawan is an Iraya-Mangyan term which means “Kaarawan” or birthday.  Iraya, on the other hand, refers to a particular Mangyan tribe inhabiting the northern part of the island of Mindoro, wherein Puerto Galera is located.  The Kaaldawan-Iraya Festival is a cultural presentation which features Iraya dances, songs, folktales, indigenous games, ethnography and other traditions.  A street dancing competition among the primary and secondary schools in the town is also held.  

EGGStravaganza FESTIVAL  |  San Jose, Batangas  |  October 8 (Every Second Friday)
A highlight of the Annual World Egg Day Celebration.  It is observed every second Friday of October by the municipality of San Jose, the main provider of poultry products in the province of Batangas.

TINAPA FESTIVAl  |  Rosario, Cavite  |  October (no definite date)
The festival is celebrated to promote and perpetuate the image of Rosario as the place where smoked fish called “Tinapang Salinas” originates.

TAMARAW FESTIVAL  |  Province wide, Occidental Mindoro  |   October (no definite date)
The event portrays the need to conserve the Tamaraw and endangered species found only in the island of Mindoro.  This event showcases biocamp, info-caravan, cultural presentation, exhibits and beauty pageant.

APO IRAYA FESTIVAl  |  Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro  |  October 23
The event demonstrates the traditions and other ways of life of the Iraya Mangyans.  It conveys a story of worship and belief in a supernatural being, the Apo Iraya.  Apo Iraya guides the Iraya Mangyans in their day to day activities such as birth, marriage, sickness, death, farming and fishing.

PARUYAN FESTIVAl  |  Talisay, Cam. Norte  |   October 1-4
The festival which derived its name from the local word Paruy, meaning rice, depicts the municipality’s primary product as well as its cultural heritage.  Array of activities are lined up to drumbeat the event.

UNOD FESTIVAl  |  Castilla, Sorsogon  |   October 1-7
It is a weeklong celebration held in conjunction with the Feat of its Patron Saint, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.  Highlight is the Grand Street Presentatition showcasing the different products and root crops found abundant in the area.  Other activities include cultural show, agri-trade fair, float parade, drum and bugle competition, among others. 

MAMBULAWAN FESTIVAL  |  Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte  |   October 1-7
Held to coincide with the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the festival aims to forge unity and cooperation among the local community, to promote culture and arts,  revitalization of mining industry, exposition of the town’s best, homecoming and involvement of Balikbayans, all geared towards advancement and economic growth. 

PARAU FESTIVAl  |  Pilar, Sorsogon  |  October 1-12
A 12-day celebration done simultaneously with the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar.  It showcases the town’s cultural heritage and the growing aspirations of its people.  During this event, families, relatives and friends get together, renew kinship and  enjoy the festivities.

RAHUGAN FESTIVAl  |  Basud, Camarines Norte  |  October 17-24
Rahugan festival celebrates the most humble of character traits among Basudeños: the love of family, sense of belongingness, peaceful and cooperative life, and community spirit.  This week-long festival, therefore, embraces the community in a solid manifestation of solidarity among its people..  Highlight activities include: street dancing, mural painting contest, laro ng lahi, agro-tourism expo, beauty search, among others.

PINILI FESTIVAL  |  Pili, Cam. Sur  |   October 16-26
A celebration held to coincide with the town fiesta.  It features the town’s cultural heritage through the conduct of various activities which includeStreet Dancing, Cultural Presentation, Sports fest and many more.

TINGGUIAN FESTIVAl  |  Bangued, Abra  |   October (First week)
Abra province’s way of  celebrating and promoting its cultural heritage   

QUEZON CITY FOUNDATION DAy  |  Quezon City  |  October 12
Highlighted by a grand parade, street-dancing and Gabi ng Parangal in recognition of the city’s outstanding citizens. Top Ten Taxpayers of the city are also awarded on this occasion.

PAGBIAGAN FESTIVAL/BAGGAT DEKAT FESTIVAl  |  Solano, Nueva Vizcaya  |  October 7-8
Translated as Rice and Native Cakes Festival, which coincides with the town’s founding anniversary celebration. A festival to revive the almost forgotten culinary arts of preparing rice cakes and delicacies; after which displaying them as  exhibits and sharing the same to the guests and general public.
TUAO PATRONAL FIESTA  |  Tuao, Cagayan  |   October 1-2
The annual fiesta of the town is celebrated honoring the Holy Guardian Angels with agri-industrial trade fair, barangay night, parades, beauty pageant among others.

BAGABAG TOWN FIESTA  |  Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya  |  October 7
The festivity of the town is celebrated with parades, playground demonstration and socialization; barangay booths showcase  their respective products like vegetables and fruits indicative of the town’s productive harvest.

KARITON FESTIVAL  |  Tupi, south Cotabato  |  October 2-5
A celebration commemorating the significance of “kariton” in the life of the people and the development of Tupi as a whole.  The event opens with a parade of “kariton” loaded and adorned by agricultural produce and drawn by carabaos.  It aims to bring the young generation back to old times when kariton was the main means of transportation.

LUBI-LUBI FESTIVAl  |  Glan, Sarangani Province  |  October 8
Lubi-Lubi sa Glan is a dance festival extolling the many uses of the coconut in homage to Sta. Catalina de Alexandria.  It shows that there is more to the coconut than just copra. Coconut by-product such as accessories, home decors and the famous coconut juice liquor locally known as “bahalina” are showcase during the event.  Street dancing competition with dancers wearing costumes adorned with coconut materials highlights the event.

CHARTER ANNIVERSARY OF KORONADAL CITy  |  Koronadal City  |  October 8
A memorial celebration of the cityhood of Koronadal primarily carried on by conducting trade fair and business conference.

KANDULI FESTIVAl  |  Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat  |  October 10
A merry making activity that features food festival and street dancing . 

PAGODA (FEST OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI  |  Cardona, Rizal  |  October 4
The Pagoda or procession at the lake is annually held to ask the Lord Almighty for a bountiful and blessed lake through the intercession of St. Francis Assisi. The Pagoda entourage consists of the main boat carrying the image of St. Francis accompanied by boats with musical bands to provide the music and other boats and/or motorized bancas carrying the religious residents and visitors. While going through the territorial waters of Cardona, people throw bits and pieces of bread into the water, believing taht the lake will provide a bountiful harvest and a good and safe year for all fishermen and lake travellers as well. The locals joining the procession prepares for their own banca rides. Special rides can be arranged by the Office of the Municipal Mayor.

MALAMPAYA FESTIVAl  |  New Guinlo, Taytay, Palawan  |  October 8-12
A festival where Taytayanon’s pay homage and give thanks to the sea for the abundant catch of the year.

FLUVIAL PARADE  |  Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro  |  October 11
The traditional way cheerful celebration observed by Mambureños to show their thanksgiving for the good harvest from the sea and rivers that surrounds the municipality. Fluvial parade of small and big motor boats decorated festively by the owners. The main attraction is the biggest boat that carries the patron saint of Mamburao, the Nuestra Señora del Pilar, because of its exceptional adornment. Fluvial parade is the most scenic and festive attraction of the fiestahan.

FEAST OF NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL PILAR  |  Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro  |  October 12
Celebration of town fiesta.

IRAYA FESTIVAL  |  Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro  |   October 23
The event demonstrated the traditions and other ways of life of the Iraya Mangyans in their day to day activities such as farming, fishing, birth, marriage, sickness and death.

LISAGAN FESTIVAL  |  Magallanes, Agusan del Norte  |  October 15 (3rd Saturday)
A religious celebration showcasing Mamanwa dances and healing rituals. It is a re-enactment of the 1st miraculous healing in 1916 to a native while dancing in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was brought to Magallanes, Las Nieves, Barcelona, Spain.

PYESTANG TUGAK (FROG FESTIVAL)  |  City Hall, City of San Fernando, Pampanga  |  October (1st week)
Started in 2003 to perpetuate the beautiful traditions that emerged through the years in catching and cooking frogs that used to abound in the rice fields of Pampanga. Citizens of San Fernando have reserved a special day every year to honor this amphibian because of its important contributions to the  environment, the economy and culture. It also resembles the Fernandino in many ways, including its resilency.

AETA FESTIVAL  |  Botolan, Zambales  |  October 27
A showcase of the culture and arts of the Aeta/Abelling tribe in the Province,  one way of celebrating Indigenous People month at the same time witness the culture of other Aetas from nearby provinces of Bataan, Pampanga, and Tarlac. Highlights are presentation of indigenous song, playing of indigenous musical instruments, performing of ethnic dances, and playing of indigenous Games.

DILAAB FESTIVAL  |  Siquijor Siquijor  |  October 1
‘Dilaab’ suggests the distinct hospitality that the Siquijodnons are popularly known for, and the name the island was once-known for “Isla de Fuego” because of the swarm of fireflies nestled in the island at night. The festival also gives due recognition to the natural assets of Siquijor and in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. Francis of Asisi who is known as a lover of nature.

OKTUBA FESTIVAl  |   Leyte Park Hotel Convention Center  |  October 23
An annual festival aimed to promote the  cultural heritage of Eastern Visayas and the local coconut industry by featuring the local coconut wine - Tuba
PASINAYAAN FESTIVAL  |  Hagonoy, Davao del Sur  |  October 1-5
It is a one week thankgiving festival for a bountiful & good harvest.

CAVE FESTIVAl  |  ComVal, Laak  |   October 20
Celebration for the beautiful caves

NIYOGAN FESTIVAl  |  Baganga, Davao Oriental  |  October 26 – 29
Niyog festival celebration.

KAHIMONAN FESTIVAl  |  Laak, Davao del Norte  |  October 28-29
A festival of get-together with the four tribal groups of Laak, the Dibabawons, Mandaya, Mansaka and Muslim.  It showcases tribal music, dances, food and tribal wAres. 
KAIMONAN FESTIVAL  |  Tagum City  |  October 10
Culture event of indigenous people where different tribal songs, dances, crafts, music rituals are performed for the Glory of God (magbabaya) as a way of thanks giving and merrymaking of God’s generosity.

MUSA FESTIVAL  |  Mun. of Kapalong, Davao del Norte  |  October 19-21
Celebration of a bountiful harvest of BananA.

A tribal festival focused on showcasing the unique culture and customs inherent to each tribe and in preserving the mores and traditions of the IP community.  This will promote the tribal dances & music, ballads and rituals that are distinct in each of the 10 tribes existing in Panabo.
KALIBULONGAN  |  Mun. Talaingod, Davao del Norte  |  October 27-28
Paying homage to their ancestors, the Anitos, and celebration of a good Harvest.
PAKARADJAN FESTIVAl  |  Tagum City  |  October 24-31
A special gathering of  dominant Muslim Tribes in Tgaum City such as K’gans (original settlers),  Maranaos, Maguindanaos,  Iranons, and Tausogs and showcasing their cultural talents in food, music and dances.

HUDYAKA SA PLAZA  |  ComVal, Montevista  |  October 1-7
A recreational activity sa Plaza every Saturday Night till the Diwanag Festival open in December.

123 Years of Culinary Ideas from Lee Kum Kee

Chicken Wings with Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce

Should I never attended the invite from Lee Kum Kee's cooking extravaganza in Market! Market! last week, I wouldn't experience a brand new taste of my well love home made recipes. Lee Kum Kee, the leader in Authentic Chinese sauces is celebrating 123 years of giving quality products to every home around the world and I'm pleased to share the goodness of their dips and sauces.

Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala

To celebrate their 123rd year anniversary, culinary master Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala shared his culinary expertise. Like App Developers, he specially concocted Lee Kum Kee Recipes for last weekend's cooking festival. He demonstrated three mouthwatering dishes while sharing his tips and kitchen secrets along the way. He showed us how to cook Chicken Wings with Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce, Chinese Fried Rice with Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce,  and Sizzling Chinese Beefsteak with Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce.

Chinese Fried Rice with Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce

Two separate kitchen areas were set up complete with all of the ingrdients and Lee Kum Kee products. Lucky audience members of the cooking demonstration also got to show  their skills in the kitchen.

Chef guided the participants in step by step process of the recipes as they cook with the masters. Attendees of the cooking festival also had a lot of fun as they participated in various activities.

Sizzling Chinese Beefsteak with Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce

Honestly, that was the first time I tasted food with Lee Kum Kee's products and it tasted beyond my expectation. At home, we are using products available in the nearby convenience store which I think is boring. Now that I've tasted dishes with Lee Kum Kee products, I bid goodbye to my usual soy sauce.

Did you know?

Lee Kum Kee is the inventor of Oyster Sauce using real oyster extract
It has a stringent system to ensure quality products
It was appointed as an official F&B supplier during 2008 Beijing Olympics