Breakfast at One Tagaytay Place Hotel

After a magnificent lunch at Sonias Garden,we headed to One Tagaytay Place Hotel to spend  One night of absolute retreat at One Tagaytay Place's Penthouse Premiere Suite. The following morning, we were treated to free, bountiful breakfast.

One Salad Station

One could create a salad of your own liking with fresh lettuce, tomato fruit, chilled and crisp cucumber, sweet pepper and white onions. Two kinds of dressings were available to choose from; Thousand Island and Vinaigrette.

One Boat Meal

I liked the food presentation. The main course were pleasantly placed in a boat platform. One could choose from; Steamed Veggies ( carrot and okra ), Pork Adobo, Chicken Hotdog, Deep Fried Crispy Tawilis ( my utmost favorite) and Garlic Rice.

One Omelet Station

One could request an omelet with any combination of Ham, Tomato, Cheese, Sweet Pepper, White Onion and Mushroom. After I picked my choice of "mix of everything", the accommodating, courteous staff  cooked it in front of me. I found it entertaining. I hope I could cook my own omelet. 

One Light Breakfast

If someOne don't want to have a super heavy breakfast. One could pick a lighter breakfast from; Bread and butter, Milk and Cereals, and Chicken Soup ( sorry, I lost my chicken soup pix)

One Fruit Station

One could take unrestrained pleasure in the Fruit Station with fresh, sweet and chilled pineapple, watermelon, and papaya.

Unlimited Iced tea, brewed coffee, fruit juice were also available in One area. I swear, I had another One Outstanding Breakfast experienced in One Tagaytay. Definitely, We will do it again.