Bellaroca Bound

Rome, the main character on this travel blog will be away for a short summer break. He and his cousins availed the 50% deal for a three days 2 night stay in a perfect holiday destination, Bellaroca, the Philippine version of Santorini ...

Photo grabbed: Bellaroca Website

While they are waiting to board the plane to Marinduque today, he browsed the net and saw  this post on 9gag...

There are three stages of life;

Teens- You have all the time and energy but no money
Workers- You have the money and energy but no time
Oldies- You have all the time and money but no more energy.
Lesson: Enjoy life and all the things you have at the moment because you cant have everything all at once.

He smiled, he's following the right track, he thought. When he switched to twitter application on his mobile phone, Paulo Coelho, his favorite author twitted "Traveling is never a matter of money but of courage". Indeed, he said. And they boarded the plane.