Where's Our Hard-Earned Money Going

We work so hard to earn money for our family's future, our health and for our security. We tend to double our time working from one full time job plus two or three extra job or part time. We earn more money and we also pay more taxes but every time we pay our taxes, it feels painful.

It's tax time again and I strongly believe that each and every citizen of our nation has to know where is our money is going. I admit, I am ignorant with the facts (actually, i don't even wanna know where my tax is going.). What I knew was it is all going to pay off the country's debt. Every single cent of our taxes actually just pays off the interest which accumulates each year on our national debt.

Don’t get me wrong but I pay my taxes religiously, not me, but the company I’m working with, Internal Revenue's cut from my hard earned money has been deducted automatically to my salary. Its very convenient for me because I don’t need to worry much in filling my taxes. In case I need to go overseas, I could secure extension form online and file for tax extension. So I have no choice to skip. It is painful, but I’ll survive. I pay my dues because I am a responsible citizen of my country. My only wish is that my hard-earned money would be put appropriately in good government projects and not be pocketed by a corrupt politician.