Foodiscovery: Tupig and Kahel

At one of the bus' stopover, I had a culinary encounter with “Tupig” last year when I went to Baler Aurora for a short vacation. Tupig is an Ilocano delicacy - rice cake with glutinous rice as its base, wrapped in banana leaves and freshly roasted on a charcoal-fired oven. Tupig is seasoned with butter or margarine, molasses and garnished with grated coconut and sesame seeds.

I partnered it with kahel or dalandan (Philippine orange).

Your tastebuds are weird, my travel companions said. Well...

Memories of Batis Aramin

Rolling hills, green meadows, and country roads… these, with chilly air breeze and good times, are, the stunning Batis Aramin Resort & Hotel, a beautiful northern destination brought to my memory. I wrote three blog posts about the whole experience of our three days and two nights’ holiday getaway in Batis Aramin and was posted on my travel blog, Gest to Utopia.  Our happy moments were captured in stills in such a charming provincial setting. I hope I was able to capture our happy moments in video but I don’t have experience in video editing. Maybe on my future travels, I would be able to share high definition and quality videos. Well then, I should be able to acquire my first video camera first.

Located in lush forest at the foot of Mount Banahaw, tucked down a quiet private road five minutes away from the center of the second class municipality of Lucban is Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel. Its numerous pools and adventure camp offer not just a relaxing vacation but also of an action packed getaway. My cousins and I tried rappelling, zip line riding, and wall climbing. Defying gravity was indeed, a whole new experience that I won’t be able to do every time. I regret that I didn’t capture our experiences in video. So I made a promise to myself to seriously learn to capture each happy moments in motion.