Lechon Kawali (Pan Roasted Pork) and the Things I Hate about Big Cities

Some say that livin in Metro Manila alone is tough. I admit, at first it was very hard for me to cope with situation.Specially during these time of Holiday Season, heavy traffic, pollution, crowded streets. Here are the top things I hate about Metro Manila as of writing...

1.) No one Listens to Kindred Garden's Pangako. My topmost favorite song.

2.) Disappointing to Realize that Jerber Mercado is not my boyfriend.

3.) I can't watch Imortal because I'm on my way to work.

4.) Can't watch Narnia because my time is limited. In fact I have so many things in my mind but I dont have time already. Time to eat the Lechon Kawali courtesy of the Carenderia nearby....

Season's Greetings!!!

Those who never appreciate what they have, don't deserve to have another. For they won't appreciate it neither. There are so many things to be thankful for this year. Family. Friends. Colleagues. Followers. Gimme this chance to thank y'all. 2010 has been a very challenging year for me. I am very grateful despite all the hardships and challenges you stayed. Thank you. Sometimes I have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to. I've realized, I have a lot of shortcomings, thank you for your patience, I'm still learning....

This Christmas, may your troubles be less and your joy be more and may nothing but happiness come through your door.

 Let love be your greatest aim.

Banchetto Revisited

The first time I went to Banchetto (click here For the story), I promised myself to go back. This time I chose one of these huge, fresh, grilled tuna. For Php 90 its a good deal!  I think its weigh 1 kilo each. I didn't eat rice. The tuna was very juicy and tasted fresh. 

The KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich

Roaming around the Market Market is tiring and starving. So, I immediately headed to KFC to fill in my empty stomach. I didn't wait too long, crews were very attentive and the way they take orders was organized. I ordered their very tempting Double Down Chicken Sandwich showin on the sign board. I was curious about the taste for like 2 weeks after I saw it on TV. This is the moment of truth.....

The sandwich is made of two fried, thick, boneless, white meat and juicy chicken fillet as bun with bacon strips, cheese and dressing in the middle. It was glorious!

Only in my thoughts:

It would be great if the chicken was grilled.
I've found out that it's kinda salty. Hey, less salt is good for the health. 


My cousin, peachy is planning to go out of town for her pre-birthday celebration. Anney bought a brand new camera,  this will gonna be a big photoshoot,  I need to shop! I thought. But my budget is very limited to a brand less apparel because holiday is comin up and I have a span of things to buy.. Im just planning to re use some of my clothes and do layering since we have decided to go to Tagaytay. To complement my gray long sleeved shirt, I need a cap. I got a perfect match from Babo in Market! Market!

Suits the happy mood of the day!!! Matches the brand new lens of Anney!!! Perfect for my stolen photoshoot!

The Longest Christmas Food Celebration in the World

Cheese Cake

 When sissy invited me to join the Nomnom Club, I didn’t hesitate because I was looking for an online community where we share the same interest, passion for food. Here are the foodies when we had our First Christmas Party...
   Chicken in Garlic Cloves
 I believe that one of the pleasures of celebrating the yuletide season is the foodies. I’m glad I’ve joined the club just in time for the warmest holiday of the year.  Cheesiest cuisines were sponsored by Kraft Eden Cheese. I love cheese! I’ve enjoyed the yummiest tastes of different local , cheese-inspired cuisines from different islands of the country.
Creamy Carbonara
As early as September, we started to celebrate Christmas. It is the best and longest Christmas celebration in the world. Like you, this is my favorite holiday. It is the most awaited holiday and happiest celebration in the Philippines.  This year’s Christmas is extra special because it is the cheesiest!!!

Spicy Sardines
The Kraft Eden Cheese’s campaign for the longest Christmas food celebration in the world celebrates 100 days of Christmas, featuring 100 towns and its 100 unique cuisines. The Town with the most number of votes will receive Two Million Pesos worth of prizes.

Chick Magnet Quiche
Celebrating the First Nomnom Club’s Christmas Party at the Mall of Asia was a blast. More than the foodies it is the experience that I've enjoyed most, priceless!!!

“Sarap ng Pasko” with The Nomnom Club

Before anything else, I would like to apologize to my limited readers for a very long pause. You know, 'tis long holiday and I've been very busy, shopping, meeting old friends, gift wrapping, attending reunions and Christmas Parties. Speaking of Christmas party, I am pleased to share with y’all the first Christmas Party I have attended this year last December 1, 2010, The Nomnom Club Christmas Party!

Browsing the online communities, I’ve found and joined this foodie club recently, and I am very grateful to know the members of this online club for food lovers. We share the same interest, like me, they looove food!


Sponsored by Kraft Eden Cheese, the Christmas party was held at the Kraft Eden Cheese Keso de Gallo Christmas tree area and platform. The party started with registration and dinner. Dinner was superb!!!! (I will post the food on http://www.thecuisineuer.com/, promise!!!).

I’ve met a lot of people, bloggers, gamers, and “well known” members in online community. I’m surprised, they are very humble, fun to be with and very spontaneous.  Being one of the new members, I was shy to approach them, luckily Peachy of The Peach Kitchen, who by the way is my cousin, introduced me to others. Thanks Peach!!!

Let’s get this party started!

We had special prizes for Best Christmassy attire/costume that best embodies the theme of “Sarap ng Pasko” and the winner is ……

Followed by the exchanging of gifts. We were given a budget of Php 50.00 and I got this cute little purse in exchange for my Starbucks GC.

Jonel Uy, founder of the club, talked about Nomnom Club’s achievements this year and presented his plans for the upcoming years. I am very excited to be part of those plans. We are all hoping for a yummier Nomnom Club next year.

I won a gift pack courtesy of the Nomnom Club at the end of the party!

Reyes Barbecue - The Event

The blogger event/Amity's birthday celebration started at 2 pm held at  Reyes Barbecue branch in Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City. Upon entering the venue, she greeted us and  introduced to other attendees. We  signed up on her glamorous Sex and the City organizer and we proceeded to a small room to introduce ourselves to other bloggers. I was pleased to met all of them specially the Nomnom Club members. I 've just recently signed in to the prestigious Foodie Club and they are very accommodating.

I am a big fan of barbecues and Reyes Barbecue sign board was offering pork, chicken and seafood barbecues using the famous Reyes family heritage and quality meals at affordable prices. We were given Php 200 worth of gift checks each to order whatever we wanted on their menu. I had a hard time choosing .

 I chose their bestseller; tender-juicy, boneless chicken barbecue with peanut-based BBQ sauce and atchara. ( Php 126.00 )

Chicken Ass ( Php 55.00/ 2pcs )

And the foodie of the hour, introducing the Butterscotch Banana. ( Php 30.00 ). I think it would be best if served with ice cream.

After the great meal , Mr Jonel Uy of Nomnom club talked about the Blogger's Ethics. As a new blogger, I learned a lot from him. I had fun!

Reyes Barbecue

Last Monday, Amity of A Taste of San Juan invited us at Reyes Barbecue Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City. Reyes Barbecue presented their additional meals. The recent product is the classic, creamy Fettuccine Carbonara dressed up with tasty chicken. For the price of Php 85.00, it is very affordable and can be shared by two people because  the serving is kinda big.

Another delight is  the New - pork barbecue party size ( Php 250.00 per 10 sticks ). It is quite smaller than their regular barbecue because it was concocted specially for party where theres a lot of food and partygoers who usually pick  little amount of food.

For the yuppie, urbanite pinoy who craves for the taste of a great barbecue meal, Reyes Barbecue is the preferred barbecue meal. Reyes Barbecue meals are generously portioned with the classic Java Rice, Peanut Sauce, and Atchara, at very reasonable prices. Their bestseller is the tender-juicy, boneless chicken barbecue with peanut-based BBQ sauce. 

                                           Reyes Barbecue delivers 2any1 (Tel. No. 212-1212)