International Release: Rome Wears PRADA and H&M

It is really feel so good to be back in writing after my numerous summer getaways. And since I've been away for quiet some time, I owe you guys a big come back. So gimme a big round of applause as I parade my  outfits on my posts. Summer outfit and tips are coming up on my next posts. Yep, you are right, this blog is slowly transforming in becoming my fashion blog. So here, what I'm going to showcase today are some branded clothes as I'm making a big comeback...

I admit that I am heavily influenced by brands because of awareness to advertising and  marketing. It's putting unprecedented pressure on me to get up to date. But limme tell you how I address this kind of situation.....I don't usually wear designer clothes but when I do, I make sure its well PRADA. And when I'm wearing Prada, it doesn't mean it is fake nor expensive. Y'all knew that I'm a certified relief store shopper and its where I found them. Sure, most of the clothes are second hand but there are also some that are new with the tag price on it but 95% cheaper on the relief stores.

Minding our economic status and keeping up with high fashion and logos are two opposite ways. But for those who can't burn bigger holes on their wallets for expensive labels, ransacking bargain and relief stores are some long as we know how and where to get them, and the most important is to know how to clean  the clothes before using them.

I bought my Prada polo shirt a couple of years ago. Searching thoroughly the new arrivals of my favorite relief store in Quezon City, it was easy to tell designer clothes: the fabric,design and cut of designer clothes really stands out. See, it has been  two years ago but the quality never fades. The H&M chino is my recent purchase from my new found relief store in Makati City and is currently my favorite. I love H&M, it fits so perfectly! Easy to wear. Among my clothes, these pair is my favorite. I consider this pair as my lucky wardrobe and used this several times during important meetings and or job interviews. Shall I be dead (knock on wood), I want this pair to be my outfit when I lay in casket from casket sales. Seriously, this is my Funeral advice : I gotta wear that Prada on my final times, lol!

So its not only the devils who could wear Prada - those bully who keep you isolated, insecure and put you on huge pressure could now rest.