Healthy Breakfast for Us, Queens - Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Naarmann Yoghurt, and Honey

Hello, queens! This is the fourth installment of my previous post about how I enjoy eating papaya fruit. This glammed-up version is extra special because it is not only pleasing to the eye but packed with health benefits. Yoghurt is high in protein and proven to be effective to relieve persistent diarrhea, decrease cholesterol level, best alternative to milk for lactose intolerant people, and highly effective to strengthen your immune system to fight viruses such as covid-19.

With added vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits, this meal is filling, very healthy, and appetizing. The best breakfast if you are on a low-carb diet without depriving yourself from delicious and tasty food to start your day and without the feel of missing grease and fat of your  usual morning breakfast. 

Yogurt is brand new to my palate too, we were not used to eating it because I grew up in the province with only limited food option, never knew this food existence until lately. I've been very fascinated about yogurt since moving in El Nido.  The wide arrays of gourmet and home-made yogurt in this touristy town has opened-up vast option of incorporating yoghurt in my appreciation of food and creating new recipes from sauces, to smoothies, and breakfast bowls. My love affairs with FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) is a different thing though.

Learning how to ferment fresh milk and turn it into yoghurt at home was total fun and satisfying. I will definitely share to you how easy to make it, very soon. Making yogurt apart from being easy is economical and addictive. I made sure to never run out of my favorite yogurt in my chiller since then.