Ideas of a Perfect Team Bonding

We can create a great team TOGETHER. Team building or Team bonding are activities that help you balance things in the company, reduce stress, or a way of saying "thank you" to your team for a job well done. 

                                                      ( click here to see the foodies i had)

The best team building events are those which tap into your workforce as a whole, and ensuring that participation from every member of the group is natural and spontaneous is a vital factor in getting a hold of the true strength of the team dynamics. Only when all the pieces are on the table can we put together the whole picture and discover what colours it holds. Often even the best team building ideas fall short because of this issue, letting stronger characters overrun the decision making process and creating a collection of egos rather than a unified whole. Shared goals form relationships that benefit the whole and the best team building activities will bring this out. (teambonding.)

The event should rewards those who get good results but also those who help others get good results and those who help make it a nice experience for everyone. This fact is often overlooked. I remember a story somewhere around the net saying that Michael Jordan is not the great basketball player of all time. Magic Johnson it is. Why? Jordan maybe the one who made the score or shot the ball, Magic was the one who assists, steals, rebounds, blocks and power forwards. In one game, he played all 5 positions.

What’s the best team building event you’ve ever tried? Or the worst?  

For me, its not about the great food, the luxurious place nor the creative concept. But the sincerity of the one who lead the team.

I hope leaders who read this would give more importance to their "Magic Johnson" in their respective team.