The Cuisineuer

A brand new blog about cuisine has been launched for I have posts foodies more than half of my articles here in Romepedia. I figured, I have a little passion for food more than anything else. So why not sign up for a food blog. The Cuisineuer will explore the world of cuisines, food, restaurants etc.

The Cuisineuer Recipe


5 cups of LOVE
3 quarts of PATIENCE
4 glasses of KINDNESS
3 pounds of FRIENDLINESS
5 pints of FAITh
2 liters of HAPPINESS
7 tablespoons of TENDERNESS
6 teaspoons of HUMOr

* Take Love and Patience, mix with Faith. Separately combine Tenderness, Kindness and Understanding.
* Combine everything and mix with friendliness and happiness
*Sprinkle abundantly with humor
* Bake in sun rays
* Serve everyday with generosity of your soul
*Garnish with a smile and serve with quiteness, unselfishness, and cheerfulness.

Enjoy and share happiness!!!