Halloween Dish 2012: Stuffed Jack o' Lantern Tomatoes

Let my restaurant reviews be interrupted and please give way to my Halloween dish.

My Halloween recipe for this year when Anney hosted her spooktacular ever witch-themed party yesterday is of course, the most easiest to make. Our annual Halloween party would be posted on her blog anytime soon. Much more cooler recipes on there, so brace yourselves.

"Tito, its a total ewwwwnessss!" my nieces screamed when I presented it. But I assure you, these tomatoes are edible, lol!

Here's what you need;

4 large tomatoes
2 pieces scrambled eggs (rare)
canned tuna

Here's how to prepare;

Cut the top part of your tomatoes and scoop the seeds inside. Carve jack o lantern on the tomatoes, set aside.
Make a rare scrambled eggs, make sure it would look like vomit when you stuff it inside the tomatoes.
Drain your canned tuna and reheat until dry.
Scrape your cheese using buko scraper so it would look like worms.
Place your tomatoes on a plate and stuff it with tuna, cheese and scrambled eggs.
You could bake or roast it or you could serve it fresh.

Happy Halloween to y'all!

Welcome to Club Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas

Welcome drink like this one from Club Punta Fuego is trending.  Lovely Pandan Juice was also the welcome drink served to us in Bellaroca.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant and Park, Calauan Laguna

Isdaan Floating Resto-Park
Calauan, Laguna 

Fried Seafood in a Bilao, Php 614

After featuring Palaisdaan Restaurant in the province of Quezon, I'm going to bring your culinary curiosities to the Isdaan Restaurant in the historic Laguna province this time. Both of the restaurant names were rooted from the same word isda or "fish" but were managed by different owners. Although the menus were identical, serving Filipino dishes, Isdaan Floating Restaurant is larger and had an impressive fiesta atmosphere... and its where I'm going to choose to dine all over again to the billionth times.

The restaurant-slash-theme park has an Asian appeal. There are towering concrete sculpture of mermaids , gorillas, giant Buddhas, dinosaurs, and life-size replicas of the different Disney characters such as angry birds, incredible hulk and other super heroes that occupied our time (photo-shooting) while waiting for a cottage to be vacated. The kids had great time riding on bikes, swings and other fun rides.

Pinatolang Baka, Php 391

For starter, we ordered steamy Pinatolang Baka (beef stew and luffa). Peachy who for some odd reason doesn't eat Patola, tried it and she liked the soup but still vowed not to eat Patola at home unless it would be cooked as this one. For me, the soup delivered a promise of good gastronomical experience in this Filipino restaurant.

Marinated and Grilled Liempo, Php 292/half kg

Anney liked the familiar Marinated and Grilled Spareribs and Kinalabasang Hipon (shrimped in creamy squash puree). I agree with Anney, I also liked the tasty and fatty liempo (pork belly), who doesn't? lol! The fat was so soft that almost melts in my mouth and that's exactly the way I want it cooked.

 Kinalabasang Hipon, Php 409

A humble but popular Filipino dish, Adobong Kangkong was meaty, its taste blends in perfectly with any of the fried seafood we've ordered such as mussels, squid, tilapia and crab. My Filipino taste buds meditated on the sensation it brought....hmmm.

Adobong Kangkong, Php 108

My first taste of Tacsyapong Gulay was remarkable. Although I could make it at home, it would be my utmost pleasure to travel 3 hours again to this restaurant just to untie the banana leaves and devour on the fresh vegetables with fish sauce.

Tacsyapong Gulay Php 106.50

Quite apart from the taste of the food though, I noticed that the presentation of the Filipino food was indigenous and I found it appetizing. The chicken was cooked in milky coconut, wrapped in banana leaves then grilled for a few minutes.

Manok sa Gata, Inihaw sa Dahon, Php 303

While dinning, we were entertained with cultural shows and serenaded with songs. The magic and acrobatic shows were blockbusters to my nieces. Dinners wont have time to be bored.

Our beautiful culinary affairs ended with a tropical pitcher of each: Watermelon Juice, Mango Juice, and Melon Juice. We also ordered Melon Sago and Mango Sago to complete the extraordinary experience.

Glimpsed: Life is Vibrant When Travelling

Hues of Spirit

This post marks the end of majestic Marinduque expriences and the beginning of a brand new one, the lovable Lucban.

Where We Ate in Quezon Province: Palaisdaan Restaurant

Palaisdaan Restaurant
Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas,
Quezon Province

Sinigang, Php 250

If you want to scape the stress that the very busy Metro Manila brings and you feel like you want to experience the simple joys of the province without traveling too far, consider driving down south to Lucban, Quezon. And if you stuck in the middle of the provincial crossroads thinking where to eat, try Palaisdaan Restaurant. The Palaisdaan Restaurant is located in Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas, Quezon Province, approximately 15-30 minutes ride from Lucban.


When we went to Lucban in Quezon province last summer to witness the colorful Pahiyas Festival, Palaisdaan Restaurant was one of our itineraries in our three days / 2 nights stay. Dependable Filipino cuisine, floating nipa hut on a bamboo raft, and provincial atmosphere, that's what you'll get when you dine in here.

Mixed Steamed Vegetables Php 50.00

Pork Sinigang is always a blockbuster not just for the kids in our family but for the grown ups too. Personally, I loved the mixed steamed veggies, it has a natural sweetness, probably home grown.

Sinugno Php 270.00

Sinugno, grilled Tilapia stewed in coconut milk with leafy vegetable is their bestseller but failed to please my humble taste buds because the Tilapia was so dry and so small.

Ginataang Suso with Pako Php

Ginataang Suso with Pako (snails with fern vegetable stewed in coconut milk) was what I liked most. That was my first time to try pako or fern vegetable and I loved it, the rich taste of snail blends perfectly with the veggie. Our only complain though,  it gave us tough times in picking the meat inside.

Sisig Pusit Php 185.00

Although freshwater fish and veggies were dependable dishes, I discourage you from ordering seafood dishes. Maybe because its far from the sea, sea foods weren't fresh.

Grilled Tuna Php 70.00

Spend your lunch in this restaurant and you'll probably enjoy its provincial feel but try another venue for your dinner because the open-space restaurant is dominated by mosquitoes at night.

Halo halo Php 45.00

Visita Iglesia - Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Boac, Marinduque, Phillippines

Few steps from where they've stayed is Marinduque's most important landmark, the Boac Cathedral. Also known as Immaculate Conception Cathedral, it is the home of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception - the patron saint of Boac.

The cathedral is standing strong on the top of the hill in Brgy. Mataas na Bayan, Boac Marinduque. Inside the adobe walls of the fort, its an edifice of extraordinary beauty, guarding the whole Marinduque island.  From the facts on the tablet hanged on the wall, it was built in 1792 and was used to be a fortress and refuge for the locals from the Moro attack in the 18th century. It is a historical church where the Katipunan Flag is said to have been baptized/blessed.

A certified lover of vintage designs, Rome was impressed by her Phil-hispanic gothic beauty. From the bright terra cotta walls to the intricately carved doors engraved with fine details, it is such an outstanding beauty.

He peeked inside the church and took his best one shot without flash in respect to the early church goers. The aisle with brown and white floor pattern to period candle holder to intricate altar,  from his glimpse from the narthex to the transept, the church resembles strong and lasting faith of Marinduque people against all odds for such a long time.

Foodiscovery: Street Food in Lucban, Quezon Province

My Marinduque culinary escapade ended with this new segment "Foodiscovery". Fifteen days after, we went to Lucban in Quezon province to witness the colorful Pahiyas Festival and I'd like to start my food journey in the province with such an interesting street food I've encountered in the beautiful province.

The garlic-ky lucban longganisa is the famous delicacy and named after the municipality of Lucban. There are different  producer of Lucban Longganisa, I've found the above picture in the "Tiange", a street market, but the well known producer is Eker and Ely located behind the Lucban Church. Dya notice that long line? We stand in line for like two hours just to purchase our pasalubong.

Not sure if the honey I bought was authentic. The local lady who sold it carry her basket with bee hive in it  (for marketing purpose?) suggesting that the bottled ones were pure honey. Does anyone knew how to taste an authentic honey? I remember back in Palawan, my Nanay (mother) knew how to test it using match stick but I don't know how.

Pilipit - a delicacy not only found in Lucban but in entire Philippines, I would say so. This one looks bizarre, it was round and not Pilipit which is supposedly "twisted" which the delicacy derived its name from. Regardless, the taste still the same though.

Kesong Puti ( White Cheese ) - The white cheese vendor carrying his dairy fresh produce wrapped in banana leaf. Kesong Puti or Philippine fresh cheese is soft, white cheese, similar to cottage cheese, made from unskimmed carabao's milk, salt and rennet.

AirPhil Express is Now Part of the Mabuhay Miles!

Sharing the good news from my mailer! 

Room Review: The Boac Hotel, Marinduque, Philippines

The Boac Hotel
Brgy. San Miguel, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines
Tel. No. (042) 332-2065

At first glance, The Boac Hotel does not look promising. But they found warm welcome, comfy accommodation and vintage in-house restaurant. There are few rooms. Theirs is a little on the small side on the second floor, but it has aircondition, TV, bath with water heater and the bed is comfy for just Php 2,000.00/night.

Rome and Anney shared on one bed while the Adarnes on the other. Towel, soap and shampoo were also provided for them. 

The hotel is fashioned in bright yellow and green colors outside but full of vintage paraphernalia inside; framed vintage Filipiniana clothes, old lamp, black and white photos. The Filipino inspired reception area  is connected to Rejano's gift and pasalubong (souvenir) store selling souvenirs and province's native products such as Arrowroot cookies, honey, key chains, shirts and bowls made from coconut shells.

Passing through Rejano's store is the in-house restaurant, Cafe Ma'Mita where they had lunch and breakfast in vintage Filipino setting.

The hotel occupies a prime spot in the first class municipality and stone's throw away for just round-about. Boac church, town's plaza and old houses are just a few steps away. There's a touch of Filipino going on when they stayed at the humble but hospitable Boac Hotel. To anyone heading to Bellarocca for a  grand vacation should consider to discover this charming town and should spend a night at The Boac Hotel.

Foodiscovery: Arrowroot Cookies and Saludsod

"Foodiscovery" is a new segment on this blog dedicated to interesting food and or local delicacy I stumble upon along my way. Here's my first entry; Arrowrroot Cookies and Saludsod.

Found in Boac Hotel in the province of Marinduque last summer, Arrowrroot Cookies a.k.a Uraro cookies is one of the province's specialties and are selling like hotcakes to local tourists for pasalubong. Meanwhile,  we encountered the Saludsod in Marinduque's airport while waiting for our flight going back to Manila, another sweet, local delicacy in Marinduque.

Jet Skiing: Revving it Up in Bellarocca

Their last day in Bellarocca was full of adrenaline-fuelled fun as they took water sports activities available on the island. The windsurfing was all fun and fear-defying activy but tiring. They rest and took photos for a while on the Bellaroccan seaside.

"Let's go for a spin!", Rome exclaimed after a few moments of boredom. The rest of the group hesitated at first. Anney for one, was afraid of waters and they thought Ykaie won't be allowed to ride on the watercraft, PLUS the price of jet ski ride was kinda expensive, around Php 2500 for just 15 minutes!!! But he was very persistent to ride on the water bike. He tempted all of them to ride on the marine vehicle regardless of the fact that they would exceed to their Php 20,000  welcome value credit, they agreed to cover the excess evenly. *end of discussion*

Their instructor taught and demonstrated them the basic controls - it's like plug and play, very easy. Fearless Rome in his black rash guard, board shorts and life vest looked like a seasoned pro as he jetted around. Fact is, it was his first chance to play that extreme water action. Just to have a photo opp riding on a jet ski, Anney conquered her fears and rode with Rome. Rome in controls, Anney held on tight and looked delighted as they zoomed around on Bellaroccan waters but when Rome steered the high speed craft up, she screamed like there was no tomorrow.

The Adarnes had their chance of riding the water bike, Ykaie was so giggly  while her dad maneuver the jet ski smoothly. They rest of the 15 minute session was consumed by Rome. He tested his skills and tried some tricks as he revved the jet ski. He fell in love with the activity, jet skiing is absolutely brilliant and highly satisfactory water sport. He enjoyed even the last few seconds cruising the Bellarocan sea. It was indeed, another perfect day full of sun and fun!

International Release: Timeless Fashion by Topman

From rugged and utilitarian to formal and classy, man's fashion has been revolutionized these days, as men begin to spend more on clothes and are not afraid to try daring style to keep up to date on the latest trends. Clearly, there's a rise in men seeking sleek tailored suits. They're much more savvy and are spending more and more. Yuppies like me tends to save a quarter of their earnings to change their wardrobe every season. But as a man of practicality, considering the year nearing its end, how do I cope in keeping myself fashionable or "in trend" without spending too much of my hard earned money? 

 Although I have colorful shirts for some other occasion like summer, most of my clothes are "safe" when it comes to dressing myself up. I opt to choose safe colors like black, gray, brown, blue and white. I could never go wrong with these colors especially in white on all occasions and seasons. My latest purchase of white top was from Topman. It's fabric, cotton - very comfortable to wear on both hot and cold days. My target look: celebrity / millionaire look.

From what I observed on different fashion magazines and online, celebrity and millionaire people chose to wear simple and bright white and it is really "nakakayaman" ( millionaire look ). So I tried that idea and top  it on my white shorts. Did I achieve my target look? Eeekkk, NO? Limme complete the look and put my super size shades on....

Apart from that, I could also wear it on top of my favorite, torn-out, Levis jeans or layered it with jacket over my H & M khaki during formal occasions. This white top shirt from Topman, for me, is really timeless.

Topman has been leading the way in bringing men's high-street fashion bang up to date, there's no doubt about it. When it comes to reinterpreting catwalk trends Topman really can't be beaten. But I agree with you its price range is always way out of our budget. So how can I afford such branded clothes? If you have noticed from my previous posts I have few branded clothes; Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Marks and Spencer, etc. Those were came from charity stores. I admit I am a fan and I am not ashamed of it. There were times that I bought brand new clothes but I usually bought it on online sale or deals. It is not expensive to have a timeless wardrobe, I'm telling you. There are more bargain online stores out there and its just a click away. 

So boys, when it's time get shopping, you know what and where you wanna spend your money to.