Beverage of the Week | Brewed Starbucks Autumn Blend

Leaves are falling and your coffee is calling ;-)

Autumn is the best time to have coffee, it tastes better when there's chill in the air. So why don't you start your day with the unique taste of Starbucks' Autumn Blend brewing in the kitchen, waking up your love ones with the aroma of brewing coffee is love.
A cozy coffee for the early days of autumn. And a perfect coffee fit for a feast to complement the Thanksgiving meal next week.

Beverage of the season - spicy, full-bodied blend of coffees. It reveals subtle herbal notes when paired with a savory main course. 

And with its syrupy body it’s perfect for lingering over buttery desserts late into the night. 

It’s features a big cup with medium acidity, full body and a round mouth feels. 

And it’s give it a lemony, citrus finish.

My perfect cup of coffee: 2 scoops Starbucks' Autumn Blend, drip brewed.