Strategic Shakeys

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my business-minded friend. We chose to meet up at Shakeys in Monumento near MCU for a small snack because both of us just had lunch. I love this branch, it's accessible, spacious and tidy. Shakeys is a chain of restaurant famous for gourmet pizza. Finger food is what we wanted, we ordered their yummy and golden Mojo Potatoes to fill the gaps between. I think it is more famous than their pizzas. There are so many clone, deep fried potato wedges from other restaurants I've been to but not a single one close to it. For me, I would rather choose Mojos than french fries. It is always the best.

Mojo Potatoes

We talked about the different strategies of establishing a lucrative business. The technological advancements, popularity of internet especially social media sites and globalized economy has paved way for some of most lucrative business ideas and that should be something to be considered. We have so many ideas of creating a business but we settled to put up a restaurant. Maybe we're just day dreaming.  We want to start small and later to franchising and branching out. Next step should be branding. We check the world wide web and what we found out was logodesigns is very important to make your business shine above the rest. Well, we really need to think carefully about a perfect logo before proceeding.