Antojo's Chicken Stofado: The Best in Salcedo Market

Have you experience to shop organic, fresh produce and dine al fresco in Salcedo Market to replace your slow and lazy Saturday morning? How many times you've done that? Among a myriad of culinary pleasures it offers, what's your number one favorite?

Salcedo Market is just a stone's throw away from where I work. Prior to my Ayala Triangle Project, Salcedo Market was our usual weekender. Those Saturday mornings were the sweetest Saturdays after a week-load of work, it paves away the stress and pressures. "The Canadians" revisited Salcedo Market last Saturday and I had my prevalent dish.

PhP 200 per order ( $ 4.59 )

A Filipino version of a classic dish featuring chicken, slow cooked in secret sauces and herbs for 3 hours, the savory and pungently flavorful Chicken Stofado of Antojos stands out among the foods that I've tried in Salcedo Market. Definitely my utmost favorite! I'm really a fan, I told the approachable owner, Narda Miranda.

The world is like big Salcedo Market, there's a lot of food to choose from, you'll never know what to get. But the next time you visit Salcedo Market, you know what is the right choice.


Ike & Narda Miranda
Salcedo Market Saturday 7am to 2pm