What is Lagniappe?

Itallian pasta?    No.
Italian food?      Nope.
Italian brew?     No it ain't.

A lagniappe is a combination of langka and frap. ha ha ha, kidding.  as per  Wikipedia, A lagniappe (pronounced /ˈlænjæp/, LAN-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th doughnut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, "something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure." . In Andean markets it is still customary to ask for a yapa when making a purchase. The seller usually responds by throwing in a little extra. Although this is an old custom, it is still widely practiced today in Louisiana. This custom is also widely practiced in southeast Asia. Street vendors, especially vegetable vendors, are expected to throw in a few green chillies or a small bunch of cilantro with a decent purchase.

In customer service, this was over and above the call of duty. Giving client a little something extra.  Lagniappe was a token of appreciation which was above and beyond the expected. It's another way to wow your clients.

Giving a little more than is expected, a little more than paid for, is lagniappe.

So, do you have a lagniappe for me?