Twiglets - Defying Odds

Watching my favorite TV series “Imortal” is at its best when I have twiglets on my hand.  This 79% Wholemeal Wheat twiglets was given by the gorgeous sissy, anney who had an ample supply of this snack in a bid to help her with her weight loss program. I think she overloaded with it and she has no choice but to pass it around because it made her fart uncontrollably. Hahaha. (peace, sissy).

Eat healthily with a whole lot of Crunch in a wholegrain munch. 

When I brought one at the office and passed it around, most of my officemates doesn't like it. Just the right place to find a schadenfreude, I thought. With a sour face, one of them said  "only people with no sense of taste eat twiglets" Tedgc said "its disgusting".  Filipino taste buds found it odd. I couldn't exctly tell you what it tastes like, but hey, I liked it.