Peered-Up on Idyllic Boracay's White Beach

With almost everyone enjoying the summer in exotic locations, the trio weren't going to be any different as they spent their first gloomy day strolling from coast to coast of the 4 km of Boracay's White Beach. A longtime dream of sunshine break in an idyllic holiday destination to take their mind off things was ruined by the upcoming storm but not their spirits. So they took a stroll by the beach.

There are so many beautiful bodies parading around Boracay's beach, Carlo with an amazing figure, stand out from the crowd flaunting his toned and trim beach body in a colorful summer shorts. Josh covered up in her blue sundress and Rome, took off his shirt, very proud in his blossoming tummy, lol!


White Beach is the main beach of the island. It is lined with resorts, hotels, lodging houses, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses. In the central portion, for about two kilometers, there is a footpath known as the Beachfront Path separating the beach itself from the establishments located along it.

They like long walks on the beach, holding hands, posing, dipping their toes in the sea , build sand castles, running, hugging and giving one another piggyback rides. Josh and Carlo wrapped themselves around each other as they took a stroll in White Beach. But please they are not a couple.

They stopped tracing the shoreline when they reached Friday's. They looked incredibly happy as they relaxed in the restaurant's patio and had their late lunch. It was a glorious day catching up and reminiscing good old times.

End of an Era: Nathalie's Despedida Party at Tapa King

Tapa King, Php 135.00

The Canadians lighted up when another "despedida" or farewell party has been thrown to us when Nathalie was promoted to a higher post in our office. The departing friend and colleague was kinda emotional as I look into her eyes. She has spent more than six years in the company, three of which was spent in our account. I could tell, it was really hard to let go.

Crispy Liempo, Php 145.00

The farewell bash was held at Tapa King in Jupiter Street, Makati City. Tapa King is one of the best restaurants in the country serving "tapa" or curred beef. Their house special, Tapa King, was a blockbuster when we dinned out. All of them ordered it, so I don't have a choice but to try another dish so this post wont be boring, lol!

Mango Shake Php 55, Coke Php 28

Cheers! We quaffed in Mango Shake, Coke and Mais con Hielo. I had Mango Shake, much to my anticipation, it was based on mango puree and not with real mango considering that its mango season. Sweet dessert was courtesy of Bobby, this chocolate cake is a must try, moist and chocolate-y rich!

Chocolate Cake, Php 62

Nathness (as we call her), We will definitely miss you! You might had to migrate to another location but we will move there anytime soon. Chatting on ST isn't gonna be the same. I missed the 7-11 breaks with you and Gemma...the shared gossip...the funny stories. You are the kindest and most special colleague I know. You are no pushover. Thank you for your care and for your golden heart.... You're a gorgeous girl!

Shall we have a couple of tequilas one afternoon?

New Gadget: Blackberry Bold 9700

Technology really is fast-paced. So I bought a new mobile phone that go simultaneously with my lifestyle. A smart phone with access to the internet everywhere I go, whenever there's my carrier's signal, Globe.

Yes, I availed Globe's Moveout Sale and I got the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The device was 58% off, knowing me, I won't purchase any brand new products unless it's on sale. Some of the devices were free like iPhone 4, Nokia E7, Samsung E1175, etc. I cashed-out Php 2,153 ($50.95) more for my chosen device but its okay. My new gadget was under Php 999 ($23.63) plan per month which suits my monthly budget for communication.

Majority of my office mates and close friends are Blackberry user, the blackberry messenger, which is free, is what I liked most. I could send them a message or group message for free! They thought me how to install facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites. Other applications though are not free. But I discovered FN website, where I could download Free apps! How cool is that? Free applications for, iPhones, Androids, and Windows are also available! You might wanna visit the site and download some free apps! Go!