Little Tokyo, Japan-ice!

The influential duo of my two cousins dragged me last Sunday at Little Tokyo in Makati to try and savor authentic Japanese cuisine.

It is situated between Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road) and Herrera Street (V.A. Rufino). The place was an open courtyard with the seating in the middle and several small restaurants surrounding it. Each restaurant had it's own specialty.

Among the group of Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo is Choto Stop Snack Bar. I bought Japanese chocolate and Caffe Latte, Php 75.00 each.

 meiji ice cream (Php 75.00) for dessert.

At the back of the grocery store is a  little area that serves as Choto’s restaurant and snack bar. There were only four tables at the snack bar area. The limited menu lists bento meals, cold or hot soba and ramen choices. I chose this bento meal (Php 220.00)

Well all I can say is 日本の食べ物は素晴らしいです!!!!!