Banana - Garbanzos con Hielo

It's another day in quarantine here in El Nido and I can't wait to go outside the town on May 1 when we enter another phase of quarantine: General Community Quarantine. I miss my home in the nearby town of Taytay and I'm planning to go home for at least 2 days should the border patrol allows inter town travels and if public transport would be available. 

While waiting, let me continue to explore food and share my Halo-halo hack today. Halo-halo is a much-loved treat in Philippine households for decades, a current fave for summery celebrations, deliciously sweet and creamy but I don't like all its ingredients especially the kaong, so here we go, I made my own! 

Ta-da! Halo-halo treat transformed with my only favorite ingredients: Banana and sweet chick pea (garbanzo). (Say hello, Diabetes and Gout!)

Prepping up is so easy, we just bought ready-made sweet chickpeas and we cooked sweetened plantains. The only hard part is to wait until it cool down. Here's how to make sweetened plantains or Minatamis na saging.

6 pieces ripe plantains, sliced
1 cups water
1 cup brown sugar


Combine all the ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil, simmer until plantain are cooked and sauce becomes syrupy.
Turn off heat and let it cool.

Serve cold with Garbanzos, crushed ice and evaporated milk.