THE MANILA CATHEDRAL: Del Mundo - Fabula Nuptials

Unbelievable as it may seem, one of my closest friends said "I do" at the Manila Cathedral last April 8. It was such a big day and we were all excited. The bride was smiling all the time and looked just gorgeous.


She is my first childhood friend who got married at The Manila Cathedral, I was a little bit overwhelmed. Well not a bit, ABSOLUTELY indeed. I was so honored being one of the groomsmen.

Abby is a person who has done so much for her family and friends, she has always been a spirit of positivism in our class from elementary to high school, a consistent president and first honor. So I remembered all she has done for me and I went crying....

She's been through many difficulties and managed to remain bright and lovely person. I am sure she and her nice husband will make true happy family filled with brightness and love......

Take out negative things form your mind and there will be positive happening around you. Keep on making efforts and you will soon discover obstacles vanishing off.

I wish you a beautiful life with beautiful dreams. Congratulations and best wishes!!!

pictures with bride's approval

Club Balai Isabel and the Taal volcano

I won't let summer come and pass without fabulous vacation at least once, would you?

Summer is really freakin' hot and I really need a vacation because of stress from tedious work. So, we took a day off at Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. This was my cousins plan long overdue because it doesn't met our schedules.

Finally, when it does, its time for the photo shoot.

Here's the website: Club Balai Isabel is located right on the shores of the world-famous Taal Lake and across from its volcano is a place where you can relax, connect and be with nature. Club Balai Isabel offers an option for an active lifestyle with all the comforts of city living. A mere fifteen minutes from the Tagaytay ridge, it offers an up-close and personal view of the lake and its world-famous volcano.


Their vision of Eco-tourism resort  is evident. Lush vegetation welcomes guests as soon as they enter Club Balai Isabel. The resort was built around a century-old coconut and mango plantation, a lot of which are still standing in the premises.

Club Balai Isabel is built along an ecological wonder, the famous Taal Lake and Volcano: an island within a lake within an island within a lake. The smallest volcano in the world is surrounded by a lake teeming with unique varieties of fish.

Other facilities that you'll enjoy....

the moby deep. Enjoy outdoor sports such as volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, tennis & badminton.

The infinity pool is in-between the clubhouse and the lakefront, which affords guests a panoramic view of the lake while swimming. Divided into a kiddie pool and the main pool, this allows for diversity for swimmers.

I definitely enjoyed this escape from the noise of the metro and had a fabulous weekend.


Its been past 36 hours since the last time I slept.  And I'm still awake. huh! My mind is racing and I can't seem to get it to stop. Not being able to fall asleep is a problem that we all face from time to time. but I don't want to be Addicted to those sleeping pills. argh!

Empty spaces fill me up with holes

Distant faces with no place left to go

Without you within me I can't find no rest
Where I'm going is anybody's guess

I've tried to go on like I never knew you
I'm awake but my world is half asleep
I pray for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I'm going to be is incomplete.....


Voices tell me I should carry on

But I am swimming in an ocean all alone....

So, what I'm gonna do?  I Googled it! I got an answer from wikiHow How to Fall asleep? article. Number 12 step is: Sing A song in your head. and so I did.......

I don’t mean to drag it   on, but I         can’t seem     to let   you go
IIIIIIII don’t w anna   ma k e you f  ac e t his       xxxxxxxxxxxx w o r l d aaaaaaloneeeee
Iiiiiiiiiiii wwwwwwwwww  w annaaaaaaaa      lllllllllllllll eeeeeettttt      yyyoooooouu goo...


What is Lagniappe?

Itallian pasta?    No.
Italian food?      Nope.
Italian brew?     No it ain't.

A lagniappe is a combination of langka and frap. ha ha ha, kidding.  as per  Wikipedia, A lagniappe (pronounced /ˈlænjæp/, LAN-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th doughnut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, "something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure." . In Andean markets it is still customary to ask for a yapa when making a purchase. The seller usually responds by throwing in a little extra. Although this is an old custom, it is still widely practiced today in Louisiana. This custom is also widely practiced in southeast Asia. Street vendors, especially vegetable vendors, are expected to throw in a few green chillies or a small bunch of cilantro with a decent purchase.

In customer service, this was over and above the call of duty. Giving client a little something extra.  Lagniappe was a token of appreciation which was above and beyond the expected. It's another way to wow your clients.

Giving a little more than is expected, a little more than paid for, is lagniappe.

So, do you have a lagniappe for me?

Iron Man 2

Last Sunday, my cousins, nephew, niece and I went to Robinsons Manila to watch Ironman 2. We arrived at 3 pm and we headed immediately to the ticket booth because we want the 3:30 schedule. Unfortunately, when we reached the third floor, we were startled by the looooong line, we waited like 48 years before getting our ticket. The kids were tired already before the movie starts so we seated like a dog on the hallway.

Ykai, kakai, and me kidding and playing on the hallway. It feels so good playing like kid again. ha ha ha. I had really a good time.

Iron Man 2 is a 2010 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures. It is the sequel to 2008's Iron Man, and the second film in a planned trilogy.

Tony Stark has revealed his identity as Iron Man and is resisting calls by the United States government to hand over the technology. Ivan Vanko has developed the same technology, creating new challenges for Stark.

Here we were lucky to take a photo op with the promo boys.


What's your Pet Peeve?

Pet peeves often involve specific behaviors of someone. These behaviors may involve disrespect, manners, personal hygiene, relationships, and family issues.

My pet peeve are insensitive people. Like people who doesn't care if their hair is touching somebody else's face when you are riding a public transportation like jeepney. It's when someone, or somethings, actions really irritate you and you just can't stand it. Also, I hate it when people are walking slow in a public place like in the mall or sidewalks. Hellow??? ain't they know that this is not their private place?? busy people are running! and it's irritate me really, people who are blocking my way!

How about you? what's your pet peeve?