Food Trip in a White Car

I wish I have a white BMW Colchester so that I could drive around the Metro Manila and I could try authentic and great restaurants around the city. If ever I have a car my first stop would be Serendra in Fort Bonifacio Taguig. Last year, when I was still working in Market! Market! My plan was to launch a “Project Serendra” aiming to dine in all the restaurants in the vicinity of Serendra. Much to my dismay, it didn’t happen for some reasons. My second destination would be Antipolo. I heard and I saw a lot of blogs and websites featuring beautiful and new restaurants around Antipolo City with great view of Metro Manila. Third destination would be Binondo in the heart of Metro Manila. My first love, which is Chinese cuisine, is no secret to y’all that I love Chinese foodies. I want to explore all Chinese restaurants in China Town. My last food destination but my ultimate dream is to dine in all restaurant located in Tagaytay City. I think, all high end and famous restaurant is located in Tagaytay with the magnificent view of Taal Lake. Good weather is a big plus because I love to dine al fresco.