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Welcome to The Cuisineuer !!! 

Cusineuer means Cuisine + Entrepreneur.

This blog aims to explore different cuisine, learn how to prepare and cook foodies, understands cooking terms, master the game of the food business, know different marketing and managing strategies , and later on put up a food business of my own.

This site will also showcase food, recipes, restaurants, and photography. From the very simple to complicated. Street food to fine restaurant. Authentic recipes to commercial.

A personal review about food, places and phase.

One step at a time, I'm going to start from exploring different restaurant around the city  or posting cooking terms and food business strategies while I'm saving money to purchase basic needs to put up a small kitchen. I'm living alone here in Manila and I dont know how to cook (yet). I want to learn how to cook independently through the help of different blogs and websites.

Enjoy your stay while I'm ...

Slowly Cooking,

The Cuisineuer