Picture of the Week | Sweetest Escape

Ahh, its midweek and I caught myself staring at my favorite place on earth, the Malampaya Sound. Dreaming between sipping my Christmas Blend coffee I'm officially become my grandma 😄😄😄Sad that I only seen it in an image today. I hope I'd be able to come back home anytime soon and reconnect with nature in my Palawan homeland. Re-sharing this photo to you to join me in my dreams of coming home and take a glimpse at cultural and enchanted mountain. This image was captured using my old buddy Canon EOS 550D and enhanced on PicMonkey.

I was raised in New Guinlo, Taytay, Palawan. By the bay of Malampaya Sound, I learned how to swim in the brackish water along with my peers. One of the best treasures of my hometown in Palawan is the majestic Mount Capoas. There are many strange and enchanted stories from the elders of our community. Old folks said that there are giant golden crabs guarding the mountain. Some said that Limahong's treasures are buried somewhere there, let's go and find 'em hahaha.

With a peak of about 1,030 meters above sea level, Mount Capoas ranks as the third highest mountain in northern Palawan. It is located along the Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape. If you are planning to hunt Limahong's treasure, forget it, per my research, climbing the peak is prohibited for safety reasons. The mountain is reserved for research and tribal residency. 

Reflection to Life: Home. It is where our heart is. Think of home when things have been a 'lil rough.  Look-up, close your eyes, and let your sadness fades into the clouds. Happy Hump day!