Converse - What's your Chuck Tay?

Mine is CT  leather Ox. White. Size 8 (eur)
Upper: Leather
Lining: Textile
Outsole: Rubber

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are an American original. Converse created the first basketball shoes - the grandfather of all athletic shoes to follow.

Everyone has a history — an account of the things they’ve done during the time they’ve been around. We think of ours as a bunch of cool stories that have led us to where we are and will show us where we’ll go. We’ve also been around long enough to learn it’s not about how old you are, but how good you are — and that everyone loves a good story.


Converse may have disappeared completely if not for the saving grace of Nike who bought the company and put their innovative designers to work. These classics are the same great sneakers with the most basic technology, but are available wild new colors, styles, and materials.

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Tagaytay Saga - Sonya's Garden and Panaderya

"Going for a stroll in Sonya’s Garden is a path leading to many discoveries. Guests are pleasantly surprised to find something new and exciting brewing amidst the greenery, another secret waiting to be discovered. Many have stumbled upon the Panaderia by following the scent of fresh dough baking in the oven. Behind its wooden doors is Sonya’s pastry shop where familiar aromas linger."--Sonya's

 According to her friend's, this was supposed to be Sonya’s private paradise, open only to family and friends and eventually, friends of friends. But after much prodding from all who have enjoyed the country living experience to share with more people what otherwise would have been her retirement lifestyle, she finally but reluctantly relented.

In February of 1998, she opened the doors of her secret garden to the public in time for Valentine’s Day. From then on Sonya’s has been host to a bevy of visitors.

The tourist from a far off land who looks beyond the beaten path; the balikbayan looking for a familiar sketch of a memory of home; burned-out city-dwellers seeking respite from the din of the city; and practically anybody who is looking for something different yet strangely familiar. Of course, as a wonderful haven of romance, love blooms in Sonya’s garden like flowers of an eternal spring.

Many romantics have found it to be a popular spot to disarm, to court and to propose. Some have even returned to say, “I do.” And with that, Sonya’s Secret Garden earned the reputation of being the worst kept secret in Manila

Another secret waiting to be discovered upon the Panaderia by following the scent of fresh dough baking in the oven. Behind its wooden doors is Sonya’s pastry shop where familiar aromas linger. The warm basket of whole wheat Sesame bread served at the restaurant is baked oven-fresh at the Panaderia daily.

The warm basket of whole wheat Sesame bread served at the restaurant is baked oven-fresh at the Panaderia daily. Sonya also wanted to bring back nostalgic pastries of the past, before the fast food chains proliferated, when Merienda (mid-afternoon snack) meant heading to a small bakery by the side of the road to buy a piece of bread.

Sonya’s cheese-flavored rendition of the Chinese hopia Made with pure parmesan that often runs out as soon as they’re made.

This is also the place where guests purchase some of the offerings from Sonya’s restaurant, like bottles of Sonya’s Secret Salad Dressing and sun dried tomato pasta sauce. The crunchy broad beans mixed with her Garden Salad are also sold by the bottle here. The basil pesto and white cheese dips that has become comfort food to many make a wonderful ally to toasted whole wheat bread, also as pasta topping or as a French omelet filling.

Sonya's Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
(near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)
For reservations:
call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140

Tagaytay Saga - Mushroomburger

Our next stop was at Mushroomburger, the world's one and only burger made of fresh mushroom and beef located in Tagaytay City. 


I love hamburgers. But hamburgers aren’t always seen as the kind of food that makes people’s hearts better. Every time I eat cheeseburger I remember a documentary about a man who consumed McDonalds’ products for one full month, tried to prove that eating hamburgers is causing a lot of health problems among human. I am glad that Mushroomburger is addressing a health-conscious, healthy burger plus budget friendly choice.

They have burgers mixed with beef, pork, and tuna. Mushroomburger Pinoy is made of mushroom and pork and since I love pork, I thought of trying. But what I ordered was their bestseller. As per the crew, mushroomburger royal with cheese is their number one dish.Prices are very much affordable, considering that some mushrooms are more expensive than beef per kilo. You can have a portion of a good, hearty meal in Mushroomburger for as low as Php 30.

What's next? mushroom shake?

Tagaytay Saga - Taal Vista Hotel

"Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City is where everything seems to be more vibrant and every moment more breathtaking. The uninterrupted views of the famous Taal Volcano are enthralling with my closest friends.

The swirling mountain breeze feels cooler to the touch and the sprawling greens seem to glisten in the sun. From the hotel’s elegantly appointed confines perched on a 700-meter high crest, you can relish comfort and be captivated by nature. Savor this harmony and nourish your well-being." -Taal Vista Hotel website

The hotel is located in Tagaytay City, considered the Philippines’s second summer capital. The cool, invigorating climate and its cultural, historic, and natural attractions have sustained Tagaytay’s charisma. Its close proximity to Manila has also made it a favorite vacation destination for urban dwellers.

For room rates please click the their website above, contact information below. Do you wanna know where to go next? hmmmm......we are still arguing to which direction.

Taal Vista Hotel
Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagatay City  Philippines
Tel. Nos.: 63 2 886 4325, 63 46 413 1000
Fax No.: 63 2 751 3090

Manila Sales Office:
G/F One E-commerce Center
Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City

Tel. Nos.: 63 2 7998527

Tagaytay Saga - Leslies Restaurant

Our first stop was at Leslies Restaurant. But we didn't eat because we wanted to have a bigger space in our stomach for mushroom burger and bulalalo. We just took some photos.

Set against the scenic backdrop of Taal Volcano, guests at this branch get to enjoy their hearty meal serenaded by local cumbancheros highlighting a delightful feast for both the eyes and the palette.

A breathtaking view of  Taal Volacano permit us a share of a suitable amount of pleasure in the cool weather and scenic ambiance while simultaneously enjoying the company of each other.

Another best thing from Leslie’s Restaurant besides in its beautiful and relaxing atmosphere is that it’s a perfect place for all occasions and celebrations. A place where you can build happy memories that will last and treasure forever.

 Leslies Restaurant is located at:

Tagaytay Food Fiesta Park
Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City
Tel. No. (046) 483-4271 / 483-1065 / 860-2694

If you wanna experience Leslies in Manila without driving up south:

Blk. 13 Lot 1 Westgate Business District, Filinvest Alabang Muntinlupa City
TeleFax : (02) 772-4235
Office: (02) 772-4236 Tel. No. 772-4236 / 666-2446 / 710-9170

Tagaytay Tagged

The best way to spend the weekend is out of town. The best way to test drive a brand new car is driving up south. Yes, my college classmates Weng and Faye went up south last weekend, we drove up to Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay is an hour and 15 minutes drive from Manila via the South Superhighway or through the Coastal Road. If going through the South Superhighway, take the Carmona Exit and drive down through the Governor's Drive and Silang up to the entrance of Tagaytay City. Or through South Superhighway, take Sta. Rosa exit going straight to Tagaytay City.

Legend has it that the word “Tagaytay” came from “TAGA” meaning “to cut” and “ITAY” which means “Father”. A father and son were said to be on a wild boar hunt when the animal they were chasing turned and attacked them. As the boar charged towards the old man, the son cried “TAGA- ITAY”. The boy’s repeated shouts reverberated in the valleys of the ridge. Heard by the residents, hunters and wood gatherers, the cries became the subject of conversation for several days among the people in the countryside. In time, the place where the shouts came from became known as TAGAYTAY.

We were lost many times while on our way, escaped from the guard of Taal Vista ('coz we didn't pay the parking fee), ate at the famous Mushroomburger, visited Sonia's Garden, went to their Panaderya and ordered their bestseller Cheese Hopia for Pasalubong. Posts will follow next days... stay tune!

Guilty Pleasure - RUFFLES® Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavored Potato Chips

Recently, I declared carbo and junk food holiday to myself but eating Ruffles uninterrupted is not included in my weight loss program, he he he.Of all the Frito Lay's products this is my GOD! ha ha ha

I really love this chips, the thick ridges of ruffles Potato Chips help hold more great potato chip flavors and stand up to the thickest dips. Ruffles Chips are offered in eight distinct flavors. These types include: All-Dressed, Salt & Vinegar, Au Gratin, Sour Cream & Onion, Regular/Original, Barbecue, Cheddar & Sour Cream, or Baked.

Ruffles Chips are also offered in reduced salt or fat versions, catering to those with health concerns, similar to "diet" versions of soft drinks. Well, with that being said I would say I'm not that guilty after all.