Take a Kayak Ride: An Exciting Marine Sport in Bellarocca

Bellarocca's grandeur does not just end with elegance and luxurious comfort. The Resort has a long list of attractions, activities and recreations. From laid back to wild, group to alone traveler, age doesn't matter, you'll definitely find an interesting activities to engage on.


This was the second of their three day Bellaroca trip. Rome's group, sporting on their rash guards, who wanted to to be where the grown up action was - by which means engaging for thrill and marine action, headed to Bellaroca's shore to take a kayak ride. Colorful kayaks on the shore waiting to be pulled-up onto the sea uplifted their spirits. 

The waves were pleasantly gentle, sky was clear, sun was endless and the inviting ocean was so pristine in different shades of blue. The couple, Alvin and Peachy along with their princess enjoyed paddling in blue water. Ykaie giggled in excitement when her Dad speed up their flailing vessel.

Rome, the son of the beach thought Kayak is his brother "wild time", he said. He longed for this experience for such a long time. He has a talent in paddling back in his Palawan days where he was raised. He kept his eyes locked on the horizon, still showing great paddling form. Deja vu of his childhood kicked-in as he paddled away from the shore.  He decided to come back when he reached the pier. The experience brought back memories of the past and established a brand new one.

Honest Food at The Clubhouse, Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa

Grilled Fish, Lechon Kawali, Squid in Coconut Milk, Stir-fry Chicken and Cashew

What stopping me to feed you with my gastronomical journey in Bellaroca?

Quarter end. 'twas world war for me during those days. But now that I'm back, the saga in Bellaroca  continues starting with our second day dinner at The Clubhouse. Please feel free to share.


On our first night, we had a private dinner at the comfort of our Terraza. We decided to avail Bellaroca's buffet dinner on the second night at the resort's Clubhouse.


Adjacent to the lobby, The Clubhouse decor is cool and contemporary. Nothing too fussy with an Al-fresco area offering a magnificent view of Mt. Malindig. We chose to dine indoors, a prime location to the buffet table for a tranquil yet intimate dining experience.

Gado Gado, Waldorf Salad, Native Seafood salad, Chicken Galantina

Bellaroca's Clubhouse offered us with home style cooking with dishes that we all know and love. Nothing too elaborate and just straightforward hearty, meaty, and sweet dishes.

From the all-time Filipino favorite lechon kawali and kare-kare to western waldrof salad, pasta napolitana, and chicken galantina to new found love, gado-gado, the menu serves up a mixture of different cuisines along with more Mediterranean dishes. The tasteful sun-dried tomato sauce on the Pasta Napolitana is what I love. I Drizzled poured a huge amount of Parmesan cheese on it. Cheesy!

Pasta Napolitana

For a group of less faint-hearted like us, kare-kare is a must. The tripe of beef slices were slow-cooked to perfection,  melts in your mouth, they said. It was stewed in thick peanut sauce with a variety of Philippine vegetables and  salted with shrimp paste (on the side of my plate).

Kare Kare

For the finale, we had Fruit Tratlettes, Crepes Samurai, Mocca Roulade, Fruit Salad to round off the sweet and eventful evening (Check out my travel blog). Overall, Bellaroca's The Clubhouse offers honest and straightforward food that every discriminating taste will surely enjoy.

Fruit Tratlettes, Crepes Samurai, Mocca Roulade, Fruit Salad