Halloween Dish 2012: Stuffed Jack o' Lantern Tomatoes

Let my restaurant reviews be interrupted and please give way to my Halloween dish.

My Halloween recipe for this year when Anney hosted her spooktacular ever witch-themed party yesterday is of course, the most easiest to make. Our annual Halloween party would be posted on her blog anytime soon. Much more cooler recipes on there, so brace yourselves.

"Tito, its a total ewwwwnessss!" my nieces screamed when I presented it. But I assure you, these tomatoes are edible, lol!

Here's what you need;

4 large tomatoes
2 pieces scrambled eggs (rare)
canned tuna

Here's how to prepare;

Cut the top part of your tomatoes and scoop the seeds inside. Carve jack o lantern on the tomatoes, set aside.
Make a rare scrambled eggs, make sure it would look like vomit when you stuff it inside the tomatoes.
Drain your canned tuna and reheat until dry.
Scrape your cheese using buko scraper so it would look like worms.
Place your tomatoes on a plate and stuff it with tuna, cheese and scrambled eggs.
You could bake or roast it or you could serve it fresh.

Happy Halloween to y'all!