Picture of the Week | Unspeakably Mundane

Hi everyone! How's your day? Did you do anything fun? or just another plain, boring, workday?

The stillness of this day made me think to share another photo taken at Aloha Beach in Panglao, Bohol - A shot I took several years ago when we were just sitting on the beach, people watching while waiting for our dinner to be served at the nearby seafood restaurant.

We were appreciating the pale sun slowly setting on the horizon, admiring the last touch of spectacular golden sun rays around us on a gloaming twilight when this rare and beautiful moment happened ...when the sea seems so silent for few seconds and everything around us were slowly turning from golden to kinda sad shades of blue and gray. The moment I knew was short and it will be dark anytime soon so I took some few snaps from my old Canon EOS 550D. With minor enhancement from PicMonkey, I’m pleased to share you the best one from more than 50 shots.

Reflection to Life: The world is changing at a great rate everyday and no matter how we try to cope-up, we always know less. There are someone who will always be ahead of us in terms of career, business, knowledge, money, relationships or anything you would consider as basis for a competition. 

If you feel you failed at something in your life or maybe disappointed towards something, there's no harm in taking time to stop for a moment. Try to do nothing for one day because sometimes, according to the movie I watched last weekend, Christopher Robin, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”

Maybe it does, I’ll try to do this sometime but if this didn’t work, I’ll take another break to reconsider another option,  re-calibrate strategy, have a chance to regroup and figure-out my next steps.