When People are the Tourist Attraction | Solitude

Photo Taken during one of my trips in El Nido Palawan's great Big Lagoon passageway, watching a lone tourist mesmerized by the rugged limestone formations and landscape colored by the magnificent clarity and shades of blue seascape. A solo traveler commune with nature harvesting more than just happiness, I am sure. 

Have you tried traveling solo?

My favorite solo travels are the ones in El Nido and Coron, Palawan. I can't count in my hands how many times I've been to these places. Every year, when budget permits, I book a solo trip to escape the infernal Manila, the drama, and the stress – a break from reality, usually during off-season because prices are low, and I avoid crowds. As much as possible, I tried to get active and really immerse in a destination. Kayaking, snorkeling, and rafting are the things to do around islands of Bacuit Bay, El Nido while hiking along Mount Tapyas' trail is just a small escape to picturesque solo getaway other than exploring Coron's world renown lakes.

Forget about lavish escapes and insta-worthy dining, trips like these are ideal for soaking up the local culture and involvement that are truly personal and unique. Seeking out authentic local experiences in lesser known destinations are my goals in solo travels where I discovered some "secret" spots and truly submerge to total relaxation and deep thinking. Every experience taught me to hug life very firm and be thankful for everything.  It is liberating, and It’s always surprising to find my inspiration alive again.