Orange and Sunsets

Orange is a journey into the very minds and hearts of two individuals-both youthful, flawed, yet fundamentally sincere-and both struggling and eventually coming to terms with a world that once seem mad, despoiled and cruel....."I've got my own interpretation."  I took a cigarette from my pocket. You see before I fall inlove you like scattered leaves around the park here, worlds apart and all. And then, love happens-the whirlwind-and you were swept up from where you are. You're all caught-up in the moment, your thoughts and emotions spinning like mad! and when it ends you settle back down to the real world. After that you've got the memory of the whirlwind in your head. If you were a leaf along the sidewalk, you'll remember that "short span of time when you were, even for just a few seconds, closer to the skies.-and both Orange, a novel

Credit to Faye Esteban for the picture.

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