House of Lasagna, SM Megamall

Okay, this happened more than a month ago and I refuse to blame the pressure brought by my corporate life for blogging late about this scrumptious experience :-)  Let's just say... it’s my gout attack’s fault, ugh! 

I was intrigued - I've been hearing a lot of delicious buzz and wanting to try this restaurant for such a long time and only came to realized when Jho and Kim, my officemates, tried to taste every lasagna on offer and post it on their Instagram accounts. Yep, they were trying every lasagna on the menu! Geez, those lasagna looks so damn good! I can't help but join them in one of their "House of Lasagna" day out. 

I finally had a chance to try the mouthwatering, high-calorie, lasagna at House of Lasagna in SM Megamall!

I arrived early before them, so I made a quick inspection of the place located at the Lower Ground Floor, Building A in SM Mega Mall. At 4 PM, it was an idle time for this quaint restaurant. I took a picture and picked a vacant seat at the center of the tables occupying some space of SM’s corridor. If only they've put cushion to the wooden chair, it would be more lovely and comfortable for their customers to stay longer or in my case, wait for my companion. 

Mixed Green Salad, Php 150

What I noticed at the moment I sat down were the presence of roaming flies, probably attracted to desirable scent of cheese which even myself can’t control but drool when I smell it. Hmmm, the aroma of cheese was undeniably love! I silently prayed for their quick arrival and asked the food attendant to serve me Sola Iced Tea and Mixed Green Salad to munch while waiting. 

Beef Lasagna, Single Php 280

Kim arrived first and Jho came in shortly. We wasted no time and ordered our chosen lasagna. I had Beef Lasagna and the two had Seafood and Chicken Lasagnas - lasagnas they haven't tried before. 

Not long enough of waiting, we let carb and calorie loading begin!

 Seafood Lasagna, Single Php 300

They came with a free basket of garlic bread - generous portions lasagnas bursting with thick sauces and teeming with gooey cheesy melt and savory herbs that looked identical were served but I’m sure doesn’t taste the same. 

Chicken Lasagna, Php 280

The flavors inside my Beef Lasagna was rich with ground beef, cheese, béchamel sauce, and sweet-Filipino-taste tomato sauce concoction - spread between tender layer of lasagna noodles oozing with cheese... oomph, it was in love at first bite!

I never had a chance to taste their Lasagna because I'm also planning to try all of 'em and I was already full. Plus, I was occupied crunching their sinful Southern Fried Chicken Skin - deep fried chicken skin coated with their special seasoning and served with vinegar dip on the side. 

Yes, it's obscene. But it was really good! You gotta try it.

Southern Fried Chicken Skin, Php 180

We had fun-filled and satisfying gastronomical experience. The two foodies recommended Lasagne Frederico when I asked what's the best lasagna to take in my next visit.  Made from 100% Angus Beef baked with cheeses and black truffle shavings. At Php 450 single serving, its kinda expensive but hmmmm, interesting!

All the flavors and comfort of classic lasagna is in here. If you are craving for lasagna, and pulling together a pan of lasagna sounds like a task you simply don't have time for, House of Lasagna got you covered!