Coupe Romanoff

Nope, its not named after me, lol. Coupe Romanoff  (P415) is one of Marriott's gourmet ice creams for all seasons. It is oozing with sweet slew of strawberries in grand marnier. Combined with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with strawberry sauce and topped with whip cream, this fruity delight is refreshingly fun and dainty. Perfect for the days that you need to chill, take a break, and enjoy some casual moments. While that’s awesome enough, take it a notch higher and celebrate the day over these knockout and indulgent gourmet desserts, crafted lovingly by Marriott Manila’s certified connoisseurs.

Surely, the rainy season and nippy weather won’t stop anyone in enjoying every now and then everybody’s favorite cold, yummy, and tasty treat—ice cream! In the spirit of well-deserved indulgence and to celebrate our love affair with everyone’s saccharine favorite, Chef Fil Afable and his team is launching Marriott Manila’s very own homemade gourmet ice cream selections featuring eight sensational flavors that are guaranteed to bring eight sensational indulgences.  And yes, it’s the kind of ice cream that you can enjoy for all season!

The Gourmet Eight: the Ice Cream for All Season is serve everyday at Lounge and is open at 10 AM to 12 MN.  For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999.

Cute Shih Tsu on Sale Now!

My cousins are breeding shih tsu since I came here in Manila and live with them, actually, I am renting a space in their compound. Although I never had one puppy in my life because I cant take care of it, Im having a second thought of getting one. I was thinking a golden retriever is handsome but shih tsu is the cutest and sweetest of all the dogs I've encountered. They love to snuggle on my feet while I'm watching tv and maintenance is low compared to golden retriever. I'm gonna get it and I am eyeing on a particular puppy who is extremely clever, well mannered, easy to train, as well as loyal. He is always smiling at me and the first one to approch me immediately when I come home from work. Yes, these adorable puppies are up for grabs ranging from Php 8,000 to 17, 000. If you want to buy one, send me a message so I could give you a discount *wink. 

I am prepared to welcome him home at the end of this month. Nuisance and fleas are the common problems in raising a dog. Luckily, shih tsus are not really noisy. For fleas, there are best and affordable treatments coming on to the market like frontline plus from VetDepot. I am really excited to have a company in my unit and to take care of him.