Glimpsed: One Direction

On Rome's gest to utopia, often times, he found himself in the middle of crossroads. With wide range of destinations in his mind, deciding one road to take is tricky knowing that there's no turning back. Luckily though, all  his destinations are pointing at one direction!

This is a teaser post of his next destination: Grand Villa

Food Bites: Start a Food Business

With the country's economy getting better and better, don't you think it’s now time to engage yourself investing and or start a business of your own?  What kind of investment or business would it be?

From my point of view, the most reliable and lucrative business is food. Why? Because it’s the basic need of everybody. No matter how many food carts, franchises, and restaurants would open in the future, the food business will remain strong. As long as human population grows, there’s always a profitable market for food, you could never go wrong with that.

In my opinion, the things that matter most for food business to succeed are vast. A few of which are; quality of food, value for money, and trend. Food really is trending. Nowadays, frozen yogurt is trending across all types of food market – young, adult, professional, etc.

In starting up a food business, I didn’t say purchase a McDonald’s franchise but will you? That’s a bold move if you are just starting. Well, if you have the desired capital, then by all means, go ahead. There are other kind food businesses to engage on. Think pizza, or start a frozen yogurt business. Independent business is a great start rather than jumping over the large scale business. Big-businesses started small, think about that.