Five Ways Technology Transformed Our Travel Experience

It’s been twenty years since the world joined the internet bandwagon. Ever since, it has started transforming our personal and professional lives in almost every aspect possible. But one sector that has seen a dramatic change as a result of changes brought about by the technology is the travel sector. The world has become a global village and more and more people are traveling around the world. The barriers are almost abolished. Travel sites, blogs, language apps, and location tracking app have made travel easier for us.

Technology is the sole reason why tourism is one of the leading industries and passion in the world. Here are five ways technology has fundamentally transformed the travel pattern.

1. Technology has made traveling eco-friendly 

Though many of you may not agree to this but if you look at the smaller details around you, you would realize how eco-friendlier has the travel become. Do you see any printed tickets in your hands anymore? Do you hold your boarding pass in your hands or keep your hotel reservation with you? The answer is no because technology has made it possible for anyone to book their ticket online. Websites offer online tickets and major airlines have e-ticket booths at every airport. Similarly, hotel reservations are also made online and services like Airbnb have made it cheaper to travel. All this has not only saved our time but saved us a good amount of paper that would otherwise require a number of trees to be chopped down. Now you don’t need to keep those travel documents with you and save the hassle of staying in the line for hours.

2. Travel tracking in real time

What used to happen in the past was that if someone was travelling, they could only write letters to their loved ones. Then came the landline and travelers made calls to their loved ones when they reached their destinations. But with the arrival of location tracking apps like Xnspy, people can now track their loved ones without worrying about them. A location tracking app uses the GPS of the user’s smartphone to record its locations and makes a log of these locations. Let’s say your daughter on some Island for a vacation and you want to know about her whereabouts, you can simply install Xnspy location tracking app which will keep you apprised about all the location she visits. What’s good about the app is that even if there is no internet connectivity, it will keep recording the location information and upload it to your account once the phone is connected to the internet. 

3. Language is no more a barrier

Imagine how would it feel if you have to carry a phrasebook with you on your foreign tour? Every time you have to talk to a local you have to bring that book out and look for the words to convey your message. Thanks to smartphones, you can download language apps that can translate everything for you in real time. Google Pixel has its Google Assistant that can translate in more than 40 international languages. Another app iTranslate can translate in more than 60 international languages. Now you don’t need to learn the language for interacting with the locals. Google’s assistant is loaded with artificial intelligence that it can even translate signs with the help of a smartphone camera. Duolingo is an app that has interactive language lessons which can be used to learn or improve a new language. And remember you are doing all this without spending a dime in most cases!

4. Keeping the data secure 

When you use a smartphone, the most important or precious thing on your phone is the data. The only fear during the travel is that you don’t lose it. Even if you keep a backup of your data, your luggage can be misplaced and you can lose your important photos. Another concern would be that since smartphones are also our wallets that store our personal and financial information, a thief can make a lot of our device if he gets his hands onto them. In such cases, a location tracking app can also help to locate your phone. Though the phones also have built-in apps like “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Phone,” they cannot be useful at times if the thief knows how to deal with them. In such cases, Xnspy location tracking app can remotely lock your device to keep your data safe. Similarly, it can keep a record of your phone in its cloud account so that you do not miss out on your important data. And if there is a fear that you don’t want the burglar to access your data, then the phone can be wiped using Xnspy. 

5. Crowdsourcing travel tips

With bloggers putting up their travel experiences online, it saves a lot of avid travelers the time and money when they visit a new place. Video bloggers make short videos and upload them on their Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram account right away to educate hundreds of other travelers.

Similarly, you can avoid bad situations with the help of hundreds of reviews available on the internet. TripAdvisor is a site that has hundreds of reviews about the places so that you don’t need to rely on a brochure. The internet has leveled the playing field and people do not rely on individual recommendations anymore.