Lady Gaga's Ginataang Kangkong ( Water Spinach in Coconut Milk)

I promised myself not to post food here because my food blog is about to kick off this year. Due to lack of interesting topic, I broke my promise. Nothing more interesting than food, right  Peachy?

Last Saturday, my colleagues and I went to GA towers in Boni, where Lady, my officemate, resides (sosyal, naka-condo). Initially, we want to pig out with Pork Sinigang (Sour Pork Stew) or Buttered Shrimp. However, because of unavoidable state of affairs, we end up with Ginataang Kangkong and Fried Talong with Fish sauce (will post next).

It is very easy to cook. You'll need Ground Pork, Kankong, Coconut Milk, Fish or Shrimp Paste, Onion, Garlic,  Ginger, Green Chili, Vegetable Oil or Butter, Seasoning and a good, upbeat song from  Lady Gaga, Bad Romance would do, la la la. Its up to you to measure, depends how many people would be feasting on it. 

 First, saute Ground pork in Onion, Garlic and Ginger. Then, put the second pressing of coconut milk, set aside the kakang gata (first pressed coconut milk). Put the  stem of Kangkong first until soft next is the Bagoong Alamang (Shrimp Paste).

Lastly, put the Kakang gata until thick and creamy,  then the kangkong leaves, some seasoning,  I suggest knorr cubes and sprinkle some some salt. Should you  want to add pepper, go ahead.

Voiiillllaaaa!!!!!! just in time after your Lady Gaga's rendition of Bad Romance. Enjoy!!!

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