The Omelet Project: Seven Extraordinary Mornings

As promised, this year will gonna be different - I've decided to focus more on cooking than restaurant reviews because its more uplifting  and econoomical. Somehow, a theraphy for every stress I've encountered along my way. I love the designing part not the actual cooking though, lol! So here's the Omelet series I kept bragging about for a year. I called it Extraordinary Mornings, a compilation of my morning stories some were real and some were made of fiction. I love my morning stories. I think, my creative writing skills went up to a brand new level. Excerpts were reposted on each picture. Please click on the links if you want to read the full story and or check out the recipes. 

The gentleness of the early morning breeze whispered to me like an old fairy godmother, "wake up, dear". I refused and stay in my bed for a little while and felt the extended wintry weather that I love. It was a bright morning chilled by the whistle of cold breeze... and that gave me enough reason to make this day worth waking for. (Full post here)

I got up and brewed his coffee blend. The aroma that usually persuades him to wake up fills the air in but he decided to miss breakfast and the sweet conversation of our mornings. I sipped my coffee and puffed Marlboro green while listening to our song playing on the radio.I made iced coffee just the way he like it, prepared breakfast and wrote a note saying: "Wait for me to go back home tonight ...and turn me on". ( Full post here)

Ahh, I love solitary mornings like this. It is the finest moment of the day...  It’s a perfect time to reflect and think about feelings and seize a brand new moment of a new day full of all possibilities, promises and essences. I opened my kitchen curtain and caught a glimpse of the bright morning star gleaming back at me against the black sky …it was breathtaking. The few spectacular moments of the early morning were the splendid change of colors as the sun rises while the glitters of the night slowly fading away. ( Full post here )

The moment I cupped my hands to catch the multi-colored dragonfly resting upon the petals of vibrant wildflower were drops of morning dew still linger on its leaves was refreshingly breathtaking.  There were tiny drops covering the dragonfly's body that appears to by crystallized by the morning dew. The tiny droplets of water increased the dragonfly’s beauty and revealed the full details of bright orange, red, green and blue. It’s like an insignia or a jeweled brooch. I was amazed of how the simplest creature that we often take for granted is a holder of such an extreme beauty. ( Full post here

The calm of the landscape and chilly rolling of the air is a gift to an early riser like me. I watched as the sun peeked,  climbed above the horizon and burned away the mist to reveal the true colors of Manila back to its normal hues after the mist was cleared. Sunshine and trails of clouds adorned the sky, it was a beautiful and magical change. ( Full post here )  

What I made was a good scented set of breakfast because aroma never fails to make me feel good. There is nothing like the smell of brewed coffee, melting butter in a pan, or the zesty smell of citrus to put a smile on my face.  These are the sweet fragrances of my mornings. Such wonderful smells simply make me feel better, banish my depression, and uplift my spirit. Somehow, it reminds me of some good old memories. ( Full post here

I was half awake lurking for nothing in bed until something sweet touched my face - the first hint of morning light. My eyes slowly opened and I can’t help but smile for the first time as I watched a ray of morning light slowly moved in my bed. Ahh, I had a long and well rested night, its time for me to get up.. ( Full post here )