Fill the Gap Between

I’m not really looking for a new job because I am satisfied, contented and happy where I’m working right now.  I am working as Bid Support Specialist in IBM Philippines but I’m supporting Canada Sales.  I am never been so happy everyday going to work, excited what would be the new challenges that I’m going to take.  Plus the fact that Canada has a lot of Holidays which also means lot of holiday off, lol! Work load is just fair, heavy during quarter end. Quarter end has just ended and I have plenty of time to go online.  One thing that caught my attention earlier today was when I found East Anglia Jobs. I dream of working in Europe again. It is my ultimate dream since I was a kid. Given a chance to work somewhere in Europe I’ll choose Norway or Switzerland. I think, from what I read online those two countries are the safest to live on earth and the richest. I strongly hope and pray that someday someone will hire me overseas.  For those who are interested, I have three years hotel experience in Front Office, limited Financial and Customer Service, and Data entry background. 

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