If you are maintaining a website or websites I think you could relate on what I’ve experienced. As of writing, I am maintaining four websites.  A travel blog (Gest to Utopia), a general information or lifestyle blog (Romepedia), a food blog (The Cuisineuer) and my new baby for yuppies, the young urban professional blog  (The Yuppy Directive). Honestly, it is really hard. It’s like you have four kids to take care of. I admit, some of them are not updated regularly unlike this website because I don’t have the luxury of time. Maintaining just one website is really a big challenge.  Sacrificing hours of family and sleeping time. Many times I forgot to eat. My best friend wants me to sell two of them because they rarely see me already because my time is always occupied blogging, drafting, and web designing. No, I’m not selling my websites. In fact, I’m thinking to overhaul it through an experienced web development company suffolk  if I could afford it. I think, it is very important to choose a good website designer for my babies for marketing purpose. I believe that my websites, though are not earning are good investments.

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