Filipino Breakfast Coming Up

My photo contributor and friend who is working as IT support in London is travel ling all over Europe. I received pictures of beautiful places in Europe she sends through email. Edinburgh castle is so magical. I’ll be posting it on my travel blog, Gest to Utopia after a series of posts and more stories from my own travel in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. My friend wrote that she misses Filipino food already. It has been two years since she left the country. I told her that I’ll be posting Filipino cuisine next week and she could just feed her eyes, lol! I decided to start my recipes with easy and famous Filipino breakfast menu. I already gathered interesting recipes and some twist to the original and traditional Filipino breakfast. "Silog" meals will be the picture of The Cuisineuer starting on the 15th of August after I move in to my new unit. My favorite among Filipino breakfast is the "tapsilog". It consists of "Tapang Baka" (Fried Beef jerky), "Sinangag" (Garlic Fried Rice), and "Itlog" (Fried Egg). What I’m going to share could be the Tapang Kabayo (Fried horse meat jerky) instead of beef because it’s more flavorful. Wait until I post it.

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