Show Room

The unit that I’ll be moving in is almost ready to be occupied. Today, the owner who by the way is my uncle, showed it to me. I liked it.  I just need some re-painting and a little bit of cleaning and decorating. I immediately looked for a perfect spot where to do a photo shooting with the recipes that I’ll be going to cook in a few days. I need to look for wooden blinds for my back drop. The lighting is good, my uncle used roof a plastic, clear in the kitchen area. I have a long list of things that I need and purchase this coming payday. I need kitchen utensils like pan, kettle, pot and a couple of scoop or ladles. What I have on my list for dinning wares are couple of plates, spoon and fork, bowls, glasses, and cups. I’ve seen fine-looking dinning wares at Salcedo. I might drop by this weekend. I also need to save money from my salary to purchase kitchen appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven, oven toaster, rice cooker and luxurious coffee maker, lol! Starting a small kitchen could be really expensive. I didn’t anticipate some things.

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