Halston 1-12, Tommy Hilfiger, and Chocolates

This is a thank you post to my cousin, Ate Elena, for the chocolates, cologne and wallet she brought from the US last holiday season especially for me.       How did she know that my sexy Carolina Herrera 212 for men was empty? I was planning to buy a new one before the holidays but I completely forgot. Thank you Ate Elena for a very scented gift.  Halston 1-12 Natural Spray Cologne is what I'm wearing today. It has a subtle smell and I really liked it!

The package handed to me by her sister, Ate Juliet, includes a branded and a genuine leather folder by Tommy Hilfiger. The premium smell of authentic leather when I opened the box was hmmmm, happiness! Now that I have a very handsome wallet, I thought, its an omen to save some more and I will.

To you Ate who I misses so dearly, although we never seen each other last December, I am very grateful for these gifts and I hope I could give you something in return someday. May God bless you and your wonderful family. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and sweetness! xoxo

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