Travel and Money

A visitor and now a follower of my travel blog, Gest to Utopia asked me if how much money did I allocate in traveling to Hong Kong and China last May. It was a travel now pay later trip but I spent a total of 22,000 in Philippine Peso including airfare, accommodation, food, shopping and pocket money. The Currency Exchange from Philippine Peso to Hong Kong Dollar was 5.70. The exchange rate was 3859.65 Hong Kong Dollars or 511.63 US dollars last May. I've already paid it after 2 months of working and saving hard, lol! Now we want to put our trip into higher level, we are  eyeing to visit Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. I'm positive, that it will be happening next year. I have ample of time saving money. We dont want to purchase voucher or package tours. With the help of internet, we will try to DIY (Do it yourself) adventure. I need to be thrifty, I heard that Bangkok is a great place to shop clothes and Singapore to shop for gadgets. I hope I would be able to save a lot of money to buy an iphone 5. By that time iphone 5 is already out in the market, I guess. 

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Save! save! save! visit singapore during their madness sale, wehre everything- designer bags adn clothes are 70% off :D