Another Long Weekend Coming Up

The Canadian bid support specialists and I is anticipating for long weekend at the end of this month, that would be a four days off. From my previous posts, apart of moving to another unit, and a slumber party, I have mentioned a lot of things to do. I hope I could fulfill all of it. If time permits, I am eyeing to spend the holidays in my cousin's beach house in Olongapo. I wanna try their brand new and specialized cottage holidays. We all need and deserve a break to enjoy and to fill the gaps between work, family, and friends. I been to Olongapo City before and what I love about the place is the seafood, the Subic safari, and the beach. I'm planning to visit the Ocean Adventure if I could find a good deal of the entrance ticket since its lean season. Hopefully, I would be able to shop some kitchen wares in the free port too, I heard, good and imported kitchen stuff are cheap there because its tax free. Hmmmm, too many things to do but the time and money are limited, lol! With this long list in my mind, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to let this all things happen and for me to stick to my master plan.



long weekend na naman???


yeys sa august 1 and 2 katabi ng sat sun