A pile up of work load bid goodbye after the long hours of scrupulous and complicated process. dealing with insensitive people, I admit was unbearable. I am writing this post at 4:19 am  while I am craving for a roasted pork at this unholy hour. Should I do it myself or call a hog roast hire? neither is possible. To long for this kind of foodie is kinda normal for me when I'm mad and or happy so I went to the pantry. Alas!  Lechon Paksiw or Roast suckling pig stew is available on their menu. I was relieved, the Roast suckling pig stew was delish. I still need one more thing, I need to eat the cold and sweet McDonald's hot fudge sundae to complete my satisfaction. McDonald sundae is soothes my emotion, its another comfort food I cant resist every time I'm sad or mad. Comfort Food may have a nostalgic or sentimental appeal, it doesn't need to be expensive or luxurious. Apart from the Lechon Paksiw and Hot fudge sundae, other wistful food I have in mind but are not available this early morning  are; cheese floss from bread talk, ruffles of lays, and almond blizzard from Dairy Queen.

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