Big things are coming up. I'll be moving next month to a brand new unit. Transferring to a new house is challenging and I consider this change a very important step that can change my life totally. The new unit is within the compound I’m recently residing at. Moving my stuff won’t be that difficult because I don’t think I need to put my things in the box. The new unit has a small kitchen so that I could fulfill my plan to cook. Yes, this is it, I'm living my plans.
There are so many things to think about when moving from one place to another. I want my new place to be as organize if at all possible. Unlike the room I'm occupying for almost a year now, I want the electric cables organize, so I thought of buying cat6. I'm also planning to purchase cheap kitchen stuff and dinner wares. Perhaps, I could do the window shopping on weekend so that I could allocate a budget. The new place is a little bit expensive but I think I could manage to pay the rent. I'll keep this new place tidy at all times specially the kitchen. I’m happy! I’m looking forward to share some recipes with you.

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congratulations! update us with what you got! ^.^