Browsing some pictures on my friends Facebook accounts, I came across with beautiful pictures of Japanese food from an acquaintance in college whose now working in a hotel in Dubai. I've tried Japanese food before but I found the taste bizarre, I love the California maki and Tokyo Tokyo's chicken teriyaki though. What captured my attention is the preparation. Japanese food is a work of art. When I was working at Hotel Fleuris in Palawan where We Be Sushi Restaurant caters Japanese foodies in the city, I had a chance to experience and taste some Japanese food like, tempura, ebi sushi, sashimi, and my favorite, the tempura fried ice cream. I saw how the foodies were prepared. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the taste but I am the number one fan in terms of food presentation.

When I saw this picture, I second thought of trying Japan food. The pictures are so tempting and pleasing to the eye, I’m going to post each dish from that platter above next time.  Perhaps, I could try this on the holiday since uk holidays is coming up and I don't have a plan yet. What Japanese restaurant would you suggest? I heard Izakaya Taisho Restaurant in Malate is good, isn’t it?

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