Samovar | Feel Christmas Every Morning with Freshly Pressed Starbucks' Christmas Blend

Holidays are still around. In celebration of the Three Kings yesterday, we sampled and savored the richness of the season with freshly plunged Starbucks' Christmas Blend at the comfort of our home. Using Samovar tea and coffee plunger, a gift I received last Christmas from an office mate, I made my very first pressed coffee. 

I am switching from brewed Kapeng Barako to pressed Starbucks' Christmas Blend until supply lasts. I never knew that pressing coffee is much moreasier and tastier than brewing it.

Here's the steps on how to press the coffee;

1) Remove the top and filter from the plunger.
2) Place the coffee ground inside the plunger. 1 tbsp : 1 cup
3) Pour hot water.
4) Stir using wooden spoon or stirer. Do not use metal spoon to avoid damaging the glass of the plunger.
5) Put the top and filter back with the filter raised all the way up.
6) Let it brew for at least 4 minutes.
7) Stir again just before pressing the plunger, this will increase the flavor.
8) Press the filter down gently. Make sure the filter "sprout" is facing forward and wait 30 seconds.
9) Pour the coffee slowly into your cup. Serve with anything you want it with and enjoy!

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