Ginataang Saka-Saka (Mangrove Snail in Coconut Milk)

Saka-saka is a mangrove snail found in Malampaya Sound in Taytay, Palawan, my hometown. I had a chance to rediscover this exotic food last week when I went home for 4 days. Straight from my cousin's copper, cooked from her humble "kalan" (stove using wooden fire), I took this picture using my camera phone. I apologize for the resolution.

This is an authentic Coyunon dish, I think so. I hope to share the recipe and a glam photos too by December when I visit home again.



Ooooo....I love these balitongs. They're called siput sudut (suck snails) here. LOL!!! Also cooked with coconut milk sometimes, known as "masak lemak" (cook rich). Nice! Slurpsssss!!!!!

Rome DiwaSaid...

really? I'm not surprised. Palawan is near Malaysia, we share same type of snails lol. Its more tasty than the kuhol (a snail found in ricefields here in the Philippines)