Manila STG Canada Celebrates Quarter End and Welcomes New Colleagues at Seattle's Best

Big Breakfast #3: Egg, Schublig, Bacon Strips, Pancakes, Wheat Bread, Fruit Marmalade

"The Canadians" had breakfast at Seattle's Best in celebration of good 1st quarter end of 2012. It was at least caused cheer for us as it emerged that we had the busiest 3 months with 'unprecedented' business volumes. It was the day I'm waiting for, the best-ever day in the first three months of the year . To Celebrate great team at its best teamwork, as everybody agreed... with best food. I must admit, this is the best part of every quarter.

While other teams chose to spend an overnight stay out of town, some were gone far outside the country, we chose the warm and casual ambiance, a typical of modern American coffee shop of Seattle's Best. Most of The Canadian members were family people and going out of town was out of the proposal. At the back of our building where the nearest Seattle's Best is located, we immediately put ourselves at ease after our shifts to fully enjoy its brews and try their enticing array of cold drinks such as SBC's Javanilla Shake, Iced White Chocolate Mocha, as well as iced varieties of lattes, mochas and sodas. 

Since I'm not a big fan of Seattle's Best, I never knew that they offer a wide array of breakfast choices. Their breakfast choices were divided into four; pancakes, french toast and omelets, regular breakfast, and big breakfast. Y'all knew how I love breakfast. I became an instant fan!

Ham & Cheese Omelette, French Toasts, Fruit Marmalade

I chose Big Breakfast #3 that includes scrambled eggs, Schublig, Bacon Strips, Pancakes, Wheat Bread, and Fruit Marmalade. Rush, picked one from french toast and omelets. She had Ham & Cheese Omelette, French Toasts, Fruit Marmalade.

Big Breakfast 2: Egg, Cocktail Sausages, Bacon Strips, Pancakes, Fruit Marmalade

Daddy Regie, Gemma, Bobby, Austin and Lee had Big Breakfast 2: Egg, Cocktail Sausages, Bacon Strips, Pancakes, Fruit Marmalade. Austin, Rad and Lee are the new members of the team. Rad was absent and he missed that warm welcome from our team.

Pancakes, Bacon Strips, Maple Syrup

Nathalie chose Pancakes with Bacon, as usual she wasn't able to finish it. The Team had to go home with heavy stomachs. It was another splendid gastronomical experience!


Christian | Lakad PilipinasSaid...

perfect sa mainit na summerrr!!!

MiniMe said...

Best part? All expense paid!